Overbite + Dental Implants

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How to Fix Fang Like Cuspid/Canine Teeth? (photo)

My cuspid / canine teeth have always seemed too pointy and sharp. I have had people tell me that I have fangs. It seems like the tooth is too long. It... READ MORE

Dental Implant or Braces to Replace a Missing Molar?

I was giving 2 options by the dentist to replace an upper missing molar. One choice was an implant and the other choice was braces to close the space... READ MORE

How Will Dental Implants Affect the Future Braces? (photo)

After years of suffering from bulimia, i'm finally paying the price with decaying teeth at a young age. I'm 27 years old, and need to get many of my... READ MORE

Can I correct my overbite when I have implants?

My two front top teeth are dental implants because of an accident. So this means my overbite can never be fixed because braces can't move my front teeth? READ MORE

Need advice regarding getting a dental implant prior to braces and lower jaw advancement surgery (Photo)

Hello All, I have a dramatic overbite and overjet. I've been to several orthos and they have all recommended surgery for my case but I also need one... READ MORE

Braces Treatment, Dental Implants Instead of Teeth Extraction?

I recently got braces to straighten my teeth. Since i have an overbite i had to extract 2 teeth from my upper jaw. After 4 months of having braces, my... READ MORE

How can I get my jaw back to its original position after my teeth were filed down; now causing TMJ problems?

I have periodontal disease, gum recedes with one of upper front teeth moving- class 2 and one and the gum specialist decided to fix the problem by... READ MORE

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