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Mini Dental Implants - Mini Tooth Implant Tips

My research of mini dental implants leads me to beleive that they're preferrable and cost less than regular dental implants if you have a single tooth... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Mini Implant and Regular Implants? What Would Make a Patient Ineligible for a Partial or Pontiac?

Went to Cancun to get 6 old veneers replaced. The "cosmetic dentist" advised it would be better if we do 8 veneers & replace 1 crown. Instead of... READ MORE

Why don't more dentists use mini implants for fixed full arch?

I'm in Houston, Texas and the cost of a fixed solution for both upper and lower dental implants is extremely high. I've read more then a few articles... READ MORE


I still have about half my teeth but am running out of chewing teeth.I do use a partial prosthetic but it is very uncomfortable and not practical for... READ MORE

Lost molar, want the least invasive procedure, is a mini dental implant securing small denture possible?

I have just lost my first lower jaw molar, and i want the least invasive procedure, like a mini dental implant securing a small denture, is that... READ MORE

Mini dental implant for a single tooth- is it viable for me? What options do I have? (Photo)

60 year old woman with Osteoporosis and Parodontosis-A week ago the latteral incisor fell out. Several doctors say that the alveolar bone is dissoved... READ MORE

l was advised requiring OS when they put my 6 mini implants in. Doesn't OS require anesthesia?

Also, i had significant boneloss over the 7 months before my implants were placed. I was concerned since my left side is sensitive where the loss is.... READ MORE

Why is there such controversy regarding mini implants?

I have embarked on a search to find the right dentist in order to bring my dental health up to par. Since starting, I've had consults with both a... READ MORE

I need a full upper and a lower denture, save for one tooth remaining on my bottom jaw next to the eye tooth.

Should I have the one tooth on my bottom jaw removed before getting an impression? Can I get mini implants in Thailand so I am not using "Polydent" to... READ MORE

What can be done for mini-implant site too high, rubbing against my tongue and temporary denture rocks?

4 weeks post extraction of 6 bottom teeth and placement of 3 titanium min-implants. 1 Implant rubs tongue, sore spot and is higher than the other two.... READ MORE

Do the mini dental impants prevent bone loss just as much as a regular dental implant?

My dentist tells me that the majority of bone loss occurs within the first year a tooth is extracted so he wants me to get a surgeon to put a dental... READ MORE

I am interested in mini-implants to replace my I'll fitting bottom denture. How long does it take and what is the cost?

I gave all the specifics above. I have no pictures as you can't show a rocking denture. READ MORE

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