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Dental Implant or Superglue?

Hi All, im 33 yeas old and got a feel bad tooth. The one i worry the most is my front tooth.. 1 of them is loose and i cant really bite on anything... READ MORE

Can an Existing Female Inplant Where the Male Screw (Tooth) comes Loose, Be Repaired

Have had inplant for a number of years, but now the tooth comes loose and my dentist has to continually tighten the nut. Is there a procedure that can... READ MORE

Is it safe to leave a wobbly crown for doing braces for more than a year before implant?

The crown on my front upper tooth became wobbly after I bit into something hard. My dentist said there is not much tooth left to hold a new crown so... READ MORE

Can I Get Two More Implants? I Already Have One.

1st Problem area: My right front number one tooth is an implant. The crown is loose so it comes out and I can slide it back on. 2nd problem area: my... READ MORE

Because of perndonal I had my 4 front bottom teeth removed and a Maryland bridge was put in?

It has been over 25 years and now the bridge is loose do I need to replace it or what can I do? READ MORE

Problems with dental implants. The bottom ones move, and cause pain. Can I have them fixed?

I had dental implants done in India. The bottom once are firm and perfect but the top once are loose and move and the slightest pressure causes... READ MORE

Can I use Dentemp O.S. Maximum Strength to replace my loose implant. I'm underemployed in Georgia w/ no dental insurance.(photo)

The tooth was put on in Michigan and I asked them to look at tight it back in December, but they only spent time for exrays & cleanings. READ MORE

Implant abutment came loose from crown. Any suggestions?

Four yrs ago I got implants in both of my 2 front teeth. They were in the front so I chose to spend the extra $2,000 for porcelain abutments. Almost... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait to replace the failed implant?

I got an implant on 42 back in September. In November, the implant was still a little loose so the implantologist "tightened" it in hopes that it... READ MORE

What can I do to avoid the complications that I am having with my tooth implant?

I have had the screw come loose twice, and the screw break twice resulting in 4 separate visits to the Dr. over a two year period. The implanted tooth... READ MORE

Is it normal for my gum to be loose and fall away from jaw after getting my stitches out? (photos)

I got my stitches removed today (7 days after surgery). When I got home, I was eating lunch, I noticed that my outer gum was pulling away from my jaw.... READ MORE

Dental post loose can I remove?

Tooth is last molar on the lower left. It has been root canaled. It is loose and causing my tongue to become scratched. Can I just pull out without... READ MORE

Having all four tooth removed and regular tooth by tooth implants, is there an option?

The all on four has been a terrible experience for me. I have a loose arch and had the entire front teeth crack off while eating a soft cookie. I... READ MORE

Why does my gum feel loose after an implant?

I have implants replacing teeth 19 and 18 and the inside (lingual?) gum feels somewhat loose. It's barely noticeable and causes me no discomfort. My... READ MORE

What would cause a dental implant to fracture?

The outermost 1/3 of a dental implant completely fractured, came loose and needed to be removed. The remaining 2/3 are still in the jaw. READ MORE

A Flexi Partial Was Recommended for Me Today

Greetings - My bridge has come loose and have actually come out of mu mouth quite often. Today my dentist recommended the above procedure. I am 44 and... READ MORE

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