Longevity + Dental Implants

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How Long Do Dental Implants Last? What is There Longevity?

Hello, My name is James I am 24 years old and am considering having dental implants. I have been offered them free of charge by my dentist. And I have... READ MORE

I Have 5 Missing Teeth, Anterior. I Have 3 Dental Implants Done. Is That Enough, Aesthetically? Durability?

My implants are not over yet. I am in the healing process. I was really concerned what will look like after. Originally the dentist wants 2 dental... READ MORE

Are Dental Implants the Best Choice to Replace Missing Teeth As Part of a Smile Makeover?

What other procedures might be advised because missing teeth for a smile makeover? Will gums need surgery too? Are dental implants low maintenance and... READ MORE

Could you give me more information about zirconia implant like how long does it take and approximately how much does it cost?

I did a root canal treatment for my front right tooth over 10 years ago, however the crown has broken recently, I would like to extract the tooth and... READ MORE

In Place of Top Molar #1, What is the Range of Materials, Longevity, Care and Cost of a Full Dental Implant from the Bone?

How should a patient "comparison shop" respectfully, if negotiating, due to finances, will it reduce the quality material(s) choice(s) of the... READ MORE

How long do you have to wait for a dental implant after having a tooth pulled?

I'm going to have three teeth pulled for implants. There is two at the top front and one in the bottom front. Will all three teeth be pulled at the... READ MORE

How long does a dental implant take to heal?

I will have a minor bone grafting and a single dental implant in a couple days to replace a missing tooth. I'm 34, healthy person. How long should I... READ MORE

All I have are implants done 5 yrs ago. I have lost 8 of them so far. How do I prevent this?

What should I do? Will another dentist take over an older ones work? During the initial installation a temporary devise which purpose was to hold the... READ MORE

Is it ok to take another antibiotic and for how long for implants?

I have ulcerative colitis and don't tolerate Amoxycyllin.. First implant got rejected and I was taking Clindamycin. Don't want to take risks with... READ MORE

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