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Dental Implants Vs. Bridges: the Best Solution for Lost Tooth?

The NY TImes article "A Dental Shift: Implants Instead of Bridges" states: "In an overwhelming majority of cases, implants to replace... READ MORE

Why Get a Root Canal if You Can Get an Implant?

With the advent of the implant are root canals a thing of the past? What are Endodontists saying about this?? READ MORE

What Circumstances Are Best for Dentures over Implants?

What are the benefits and drawbacks to implants? READ MORE

Implants or Braces? I Have a Bad Allignment.

I am 24 and have crooked teeth, I just requested to have my 4 top front teeth replaced and maybe my bottom 4 front as well! Or would braces be a... READ MORE

Lumineers or Implants Best with Periodontal Disease?

For someone with chronic periodontal disease and bone loss, would it be best to use veneers to improve the look of the teeth or go directly for... READ MORE

What Are the Steps to Two-stage Dental Implant Surgery?

How does two-stage surgery differ from one-stage surgery? READ MORE

Dental Implant Bridge vs Crown?

Apologies for using Irish/Canadian dental numbering but here's the question: Terrible teeth with multiple fillings & root canal treatments.... READ MORE

Advice on Suggested Dental Crown Replacement with Implant?

In 2005 I had a crown fitted to a root canal treated front tooth but recently the crown became loose. At a dental exam I was advised not to have... READ MORE

Dental Implants Comparison?

Hello, I'm reading that there is a wide range of dental implants manufacturers: from high price/high quality to low price/questionable quality. In my... READ MORE

I will be extracting my first molar. Braces or implant to close gap?

I will be extracting my first molar due to a failed root canal. The option given to me was to get braces or an implant to close the gap. I want to get... READ MORE

Are Osstem Implants ok? Porcelain Crowns vs Zirconium?

I require a single implant, my dentist has quoted using an Osstem implant with porcelean crown. Are Osstem ok? would Porcelane look ok insteasd of... READ MORE

Upper lateral incisor is moving, what are the options to replace it? A bridge or an implant? (Photo)

For the lateral imcisor root canal treatment was done and it's now supported with a post..but the tooth is unstable and can fall any minute..I'm... READ MORE

Dental implants vs full upper and lower denture. How much of a role does each play in maintaining a woman's youthful appearance?

Dental implants vs: dentures: I am 60 years old. Recently I was told that the remaining teeth I have in my mouth (which are capped) all need to be... READ MORE

When matching the upper front bridge to my natural teeth, should it match the lower front teeth in yellow undertones?

When matching the upper front bridge to my natural teeth, should it match the lower front teeth in yellow undertones? Or should it be made to match... READ MORE

What is better & safer - implanting screw or braces - to straighten the second molars?

I am 16 year old. my upper second molars are not coming out straight in ideal way, instead they tilted or inclined. i have been recommended to go for... READ MORE

What is the minimum size of implant possible? Is fdp is better then implant? (Photo)

This is the current situation of my tooth... doctor suggest me for the fdp.. and for tht im confusd becos they would cut the natural teeth and then... READ MORE

Root canal retreatment/new crown or dental implant? (Photo)

Endodontist said the root canal has failed, root apex has void probably due to absorption, there are Apical lesion, inflamation at gumline, probably... READ MORE

I had a tooth removed, my doctor said I have to decide on an implant or a bridge. Any suggestions?

Each tooth on both sides have a crown. this is the # 16 tooth upper left (second tooth from back) I am 64, in good health, what is my best option READ MORE

Would you recommend Implants or crowns for front teeth that have had RC due to accident?

I went to see a dentist who specialises in implants,he did a cat scan and felt it would be more appropriate to just crown my teeth with a post... READ MORE

Nails vs screws used for implants. Which is best?

My dentist recommend nails for one of my implants because he said there was not enough bone to take the screws. He claims this works well; is this a... READ MORE

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