Bone Loss + Dental Implants

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I Have Had Dentures, Am I A Candidate For Dental Implants?

For about 3yrs, is it still possible for me to replace them with dental implants and it still look natural and also could bone loss be a problem. I am... READ MORE

Are There Any Preventive Measures to Reduce the Chances of Bone Loss Following Dental Implants?

Could taking Fosamax or other osteoporosis medications decrease the amount of risk? READ MORE

Sudden Bone Loss Around One Tooth over 1 Year Time?

57 y.o. perimenopausal with severe bone loss and periodontal disease around one tooth; they feel it needs to be pulled and grafted. There is another... READ MORE

Buccal Bone Loss - Can I Get an Implant?

I recenlty had a fractured tooth/root extracted #7. I was told I might not be able to get an implant due to buccal bone loss. I think he said I have... READ MORE

Is a cemented fixed bridge my only option for a ok teeth?

Ive had bad teeth all my life recently i got a bottom tooth pulled because it was loose due to bone loss i had a deep cleaning done and dentist said... READ MORE

Can bone loss around implant be reversed? (Photo)

I have a 3 year old implant. No bone grafting was performed. I have gum disease. Scaling and root planning is performed every 6 months. Dentist... READ MORE

I have been told from dentist I have some bone loss and can't get another bridge, should I get 2nd opinion. Don't want dentures?

Really would like to know if it's possible to get another dental bridge as don't want dentures. Or is implants my only option? READ MORE

Bone Loss on Top?

I had a very gummy smile, and my dentist said best thing was dentures! I was 20. Now I am 60. I have a lot of bone loss on top and need something done... READ MORE

Titanium Dental Implant and Bone Healing/loss (photo)

I'm a 24 years old girl. About a month ago I had 4 molar teeth removed in my lower jaw. I would like to have Dental Implants. For now there is only... READ MORE

I basically have no teeth and no bone in my jaw. Is there something anyone can do?

I have a full upper denture and significant bone loss, so eventually the denture will not hold. In addition, I had all but my eye teeth in my lower... READ MORE

Dental implants and bone loss. When is bone grafting necessary?

I have had a few failed root canals, most of them lasted a year, 3 in upper jaw and 2 in lower jaw, this was around 3 years ago. I went to see an... READ MORE

Bone Loss in 7-10 Causing the Ledge Holding 6-11 to Make my Mouth Stick Out? (photo)

Doctors Want to Do Two-three Teeth Implant Bridge? I had a perfect smile until a few years ago when the teeth started to shift. I have periodontal... READ MORE

l was advised requiring OS when they put my 6 mini implants in. Doesn't OS require anesthesia?

Also, i had significant boneloss over the 7 months before my implants were placed. I was concerned since my left side is sensitive where the loss is.... READ MORE

After implants for denture stabilization, can there be bone loss in later years, leading to having them removed?

Right now I have 6 bottom front teeth, 1 tooth needs a root canal, but the dentist referred me to a surgeon to have them removed and suggested to get... READ MORE

Not enough bone in the front of my jaw under the nose, are implants impossible?

Have had a CT scan and it show's I only have 1mm thickness in bone which prevents any bone augmentation, I hate having dentures any advice on the next... READ MORE

Failing Implants / Bone Loss, Infection. Gum Flap or Bone Graft?

I have 2 implants in the lower left that are 1.5 years old. Both implants show significant bone loss and one implant is infected (pus/blood/3 weeks).... READ MORE

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