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Zirconia Crowns Vs Emax Crowns?

A year ago I placed 9 upper anterior Zirconia crowns. After 3 months, I could see a change, now, they don't look natural at all. I want to replace... READ MORE

Which Ceramic Tooth is Best: Zirconia, IPS Empress or E-max?

I have to get 3 ceramic teeth. pls suggest which is the best among Emax, IPS empress or zirconia. My dentist suggested these. I am 22 Years Old READ MORE

Can a Zirconia Crown Be Stained After Being Cemented in Mouth?

I was not offered a color selection. The Zirconia Crown is too white in comparison to the surrounding molars. The crown was placed on Tooth 18. Also,... READ MORE

Front Teeth Replacement?

I got my crown for my front teeth, last month its a zircon crown but to my surprise the shade behaviour is embarassing, in brighter light the shade... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Bottom Crowns to Be Darker Than Top Crowns?

All my teeth have been crowned (all zirconia/ porcelain) by a cosmetic dentist.The color is a perfect match except for 4 front bottom teeth which are... READ MORE

4 Zarconia Crowns on Teeth #'s 2, 3, 4 & 6 Trobbing Pain Above # 6 & #2 (Seated March 2013)?

Since 4 of 8 teeth were crowned as part of a bite correction of front teeth hitting, I have had intermitten pain, gum irritation and trobbing above #... READ MORE

Can I have a more natural looking crown? (photo)

My biggest problem with this crown I have at the moment is that it is too high pushed into my gums and sticks out very bad and overall looks unnatural... READ MORE

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