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Implant or Crown to Replace an Previously Veneered Front Tooth?

I had to have my top front tooth extracted. My 6 front teeth had veneers. I had planned to get a direct implant however there was not enough bone so I... READ MORE

Fear of Loosing Teeth After Extensive Veneer Work. Can my Teeth Fallout?

I had dental work in Thailand. I asked for veneers but was shocked when I realized so much tooth surface was removed and that I would be getting crown... READ MORE

Is This Tooth Hopeless or Can It Be Saved with a Build Up and Crown? (photo)

I had a venner that broke and then I was told I needed a crown but at the time the dentist didn't want to help me since I was crying. So he said to... READ MORE

Please Help ! Inervous and Worried ! Veneer Broke Can I Still Get a Crown ? (photo)

Hello, My veneer broke off a and under the tooth the sides are dark brown and some black, This photo is taken using a microscope camera so its super... READ MORE

Shouldn't dentists chose veneers that fit appropriately in your mouth? Are crowns the best fix to veneers?

About four and a half years ago I had eight veneers put on my front teeth; in that period two have come off, one front tooth cracked, and I was just... READ MORE

Can Permanent Existing Crowns Be Matched?

I have had crowns on my two front teeth since I was quite young. They have been redone several times over the years. I had several adjacent teeth... READ MORE

Necessary crowns for discolored gray teeth then unnecessary veneers?

I am planing to get 2 crowns on my grayish molar teeth, then I would like to do the veneer procedure. Also most of my molar teeth are grayish due to... READ MORE

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