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Can Infection, Pain and Swollen Mouth (face) Occur After Prepping a Tooth Under Temp Crown?

I have had a tooth prepped and temporary crown inserted, before root canal and crown lenghtening procedure. After my tooth was prepped the pulsating... READ MORE

Should I leave in my 4 crowns?

18 months ago I had 4 crowns put on my front teeth. Ever since, my gums above the crowns have been very red and swollen. It was a biologic width issue... READ MORE

Why are my gums still swollen after removing the metal from my crowns?

My gums have been swollen for 4 years just on my upper 4 front teeth. Went to see several dentists and had them removed because i could be allergic to... READ MORE

Am I allergic to my crowns and veneers?

Six months ago I had 4 crowns and 4 veneers put on, since then I have had a burning tongue and roof of my mouth. My tongue is also swollen... I am so... READ MORE

Why is my gum is still swollen? (Photo)

6 maybe 7 years from now I chiped one of my front teeth, &and I am not so satisfied whit the Crown I went from a perfect smile to having a Gap in the... READ MORE

My new front teeth crown felt like they were moving but not they are not. Any suggestions?

I just got my front teeth crowned yesterday. After my visit my gums were still swollen and I was touch my teeth and it felt like they were slighting... READ MORE

Can my permanent crowns be placed if my gums are swollen? (photo)

In Manila on a dental holiday. On Monday (It's Friday now) I had nearly all of my upper teeth filed down, I had a pretty decent amount of gum tissue... READ MORE

Can a space between gum and crown (no-RCT) lead to infection? (Generic) Could ceramic crown exposed cause heavy metal poisoning?

My upper 11 and 21 were removed due to wrong RCT and infection that wouldn't go even after several open flap surgeries. Few years ago another Dentist... READ MORE

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