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Post Lava Crown: Black Line Still Present?

I got three old PMF crowns (molars) replaced with three Lava crowns just recently. I am wondering why there is still some kind of darkness in between... READ MORE

How Do You Know if a Crown Has to Be Redone...or Can Be Fixed?

I had a crown put in 5 years ago after a root canal. The tooth/crown has always had a bit of space below it. Now, it often has stuff in the crack..... READ MORE

Temporary crown has gap between natural tooth, will this cause the tooth next to it to shift?

I just received a temporary crown for tooth #10 today. There is a slight gap between the temp crown and the canine tooth next to it. It is slightly... READ MORE

Space between teeth/gums after crowns, is this normal? (Photo)

I had 3 permanent crowns placed on the upper left yesterday. I noticed that the gums are not down far enough between the teeth. Will this take time... READ MORE

Can a space between gum and crown (no-RCT) lead to infection? (Generic) Could ceramic crown exposed cause heavy metal poisoning?

My upper 11 and 21 were removed due to wrong RCT and infection that wouldn't go even after several open flap surgeries. Few years ago another Dentist... READ MORE

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