Retainer + Dental Crown

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Replacing a Porcelain Crown

I am 20 years old and my front central tooth broke in half two months ago. I am having a full porcelain crown placed on this tooth. How many years do... READ MORE

Getting Dental Crowns While on Retainers?

After orthodontic treatment, I am now wearing Essix retainers. I have to get Dental crowns for two of my molars.I am stressed about not being able to... READ MORE

I'm Getting Crowns in the Front 4 Teeth and I Grind my Teeth Bad at Night Would a Retainer Necessary?

Front top 4 teeth are getting crowns on soon! I grind my teeth really bad at night should I see about a retainer ? READ MORE

Permanent Retainer is Not Keeping Permanent Crowns Together?

Permanent retainer is not keeping permanent crowns together. Prior to the crowns the permanent retainer held my real teeth together. Then I had... READ MORE

I Have 2 Permanent Crowns on Front Top Teeth, I Need a Permanent Retainer on the Top Teeth?

I have 2 permanent crowns on my front top 2 teeth, I need a strong permanent retainer to hold my top teeth together. I had a permanent retainer prior... READ MORE

What is the Name Special Bonding Material Used to Bond Retainer to the Back of a Crown?

I had a retainer removed for dental work in which a crown was put on. My ortho only put the retainer back on three of my teeth not four due the crown... READ MORE

Can I still wear my retainer with front teeth crowns?

I had fixed braces a few years ago and then went on to wearing a retainer. I'm 18 now and when i was younger (before getting braces) both my top front... READ MORE

I'm going to use a retainer to move my upper teeth outwards. Can my middle front teeth be made bigger? (photos)

I decided after a month of thinking im going t use a retainer to move my upper teeth outwards Because of the position, the bonding material will... READ MORE

3/4 crowns on four front teeth? (photos)

My teeth have shifted over the past few years and turning gray with extreme sensitivity and pain. dentist wants to do 3/4 crowns followed by retainer.... READ MORE

How much is gingivoplasty, teeth bleaching, cleaning, crowns 8 & 9 and a retainer? Without insurance. Very selfconcious (Photo)

I got crowns done on my 8 & 9 about 6 years ago, I'm now 20. They grew a gap that I find disgusting, they're yellow/greenish and my teeth are white,... READ MORE

Is it possible to get a dental crown glued or something from the front, so I don't need to fix the retainer again?

Hey! My one tooth is way shorter and more narrow than the other. Iam considering a dental crown. Problem: I can not afford a dental crown atm, so I've... READ MORE

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