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Porcelain Crown for Front Tooth

My dentist is placing a porcelain crown on my front tooth. How long on average do you think this crown will last? How many times will I need to... READ MORE

Dental Bridge Replacement

How often should a dental bridge be replaced? Does it matter where the bridge is located in your mouth? READ MORE

Should a Root Canal Be Done with the Old Crown in Place??

My wife was recently told she needed a root canal after experiencing some pain under her old crown. The dentist also told her that after the root... READ MORE

Zirconia Crowns Vs Emax Crowns?

A year ago I placed 9 upper anterior Zirconia crowns. After 3 months, I could see a change, now, they don't look natural at all. I want to replace... READ MORE

Replacing a Porcelain Crown

I am 20 years old and my front central tooth broke in half two months ago. I am having a full porcelain crown placed on this tooth. How many years do... READ MORE

Do I Need a Crown After a Root Canal on a Veneered Tooth

I've have veneers on my front 6 teeth, In the past few years I've needed root canals on the canine tooth and tooth next to my front tooth. Now... READ MORE

Post Lava Crown: Black Line Still Present?

I got three old PMF crowns (molars) replaced with three Lava crowns just recently. I am wondering why there is still some kind of darkness in between... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have a Dental Implant Crown Replaced for a Larger, Wider Crown to Give Me a More Even Smile? (photo)

I was wondering if its possible 2 have my implant crown replaced for a larger size 2 create a even smile? Granted, the implant was done over 14 years... READ MORE

How Do You Know if a Crown Has to Be Redone...or Can Be Fixed?

I had a crown put in 5 years ago after a root canal. The tooth/crown has always had a bit of space below it. Now, it often has stuff in the crack..... READ MORE

Can a Recent Crown Not Be Removed in Whole and Replaced After a Root Canal?

This was not an option given by my dentist. Two options were to drill through the existing crown, or saw off the crown and replace with another crown,... READ MORE

Should Have my Dentist Cut my Papillae Completely out when She Installed Two Crowns Side by Side? Left with Large Gap? (photo)

The dentist said my papillae will grow back is this true? the crowns were cemented with no contact between them causing food trapping between... READ MORE

Are Lighter Shades of Porcelain Being Used for Now As Opposed to 20 Years Ago?

I have read that porcelain doesn't stain much, but in most of the pictures I have seen where old crowns have been replaced the new shade is... READ MORE

A New Dental Crown Doesn't Fit Properly and Was Not Placed. Should a New Impression Be Taken?

The lab adjust the original crown for a proper fit and will it be long-term? READ MORE

Can a Filling on the Front of the Incisors Be Refilled if It Becomes Stained?

My front incisor is discolored and can't be veneered or whitened. My dentist said I could either fill it or put a crown on it. Im not keen on the... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel pain when touch after crown replacement ? (photo)

Second week after front tooth emax crown re-placement, left tooth feels constantly very sensitive pain when pressed or touched bottom upwards , shall... READ MORE

Can I Replace my Two Front All Porcelain Tooth Crowns with Lava Crowns? (photo)

My two front teeth are crowned with porcelain crowns, done at seperate times with atleast a 1-2 year gap. My two front tooth crowns do not match in... READ MORE

Should I Replace my Crown? There is a Black Line Along the Gum Line. Recently, It's Been Sensitive to Cold at Times?

Also, I had a strange pain in the area twice that lasted only a few seconds. The crown is about 2 years old. I recently had another filling replaced... READ MORE

Is There Such a Thing As a "Crown Upgrade"? I'm Being Charged an Extra $300 Because of This.

I've had 2 other crowns done by a different dentist and have never heard of this-- they claim that it's a stronger material, but I'm pretty sure they... READ MORE

Why is It So Difficult to Get my Bite Right?

On right side, I am having a 3 crown bridge and 2 side crowns replaced, yet after 6 fittings, my bite is not right. The back teeth hit in wrong place... READ MORE

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