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Do I Need to Remove my Bridge? (photo)

Hello there, i have pain all around ears, neck, temples, eye brows, right back side of head from the date i got dental implant (bridge). this pain... READ MORE

My crowned tooth fell out of my mouth with the post attached. Do I need to have the tooth root removed?

No pain, no blood, and no infection. Do I need to have the tooth root removed, or can the crown and post be re cemented? READ MORE

Can I Remove Temporary Crown Myself?

My dentist put a temp crown(no root canal) over the area(cavity was tiny) till the perm. is ready. Its been 9 days since i got the temp. and my tooth... READ MORE

Root Canal Question, Should I Remove And Get Implant, Or Cover It With A Crown?

I had a root canal done on my molar and a pinhole was created through the root. Should I have the tooth removed and an implant placed, or simply place... READ MORE

Sensitivity on Newly Crowned Teeth?

I had removed a 20 year old 3 teeth crown removed because one of the teeth needed a root canal. 2 months after putting in the new porcelain crowns, I... READ MORE

Can You Get Dental Bonding Without Removing or Changing Your Crown?

My question is that, can you get dental bonding without removing or changing your crown? I want to close the gaps between my teeth, but my dentist... READ MORE

I Had a Tooth Crown Removed - It Started to Bleed. I Was Told the Tooth Needs to Be Extracted. Is This Necessary?

The tooth had a root canal couple years ago. I was told bleeding is not normal. I was also told that tooth fracture is possible but the dentist is not... READ MORE

I want to take off crown, veneers. Can my teeth be restored with filling so I don't have to wear crowns, veneers any more.

My dentist placed 8 crowns, 2 veneers on my teeth. He cut my 4 upper front teeth to the gum line (without warning me!) and placed posts and... READ MORE

Should I Remove a Crown if It Doesn't Cause Any Discomfort?

I recently changed my dentist as I wasn't really happy with my NHS dentist. This private dentist has now advised me to have a crown removed, I had... READ MORE

Is It Common Practice for a Dentist to Ask a Patient if Gum Tissue Can Be Removed to Prep for a Crown?

I had a gum graft to two lower back teeth. The gum was healthy with no pocket. Recently, I was prepped for a new crown and discovered a little over... READ MORE

Temporary Provisional Crown won't come off even though it has NOT been cemented. Is this normal?

I had a PROVISIONAL temporary crown placed on my tooth and the Dentist corrected my bite. When the Dentist wanted to remove this crown to fill it with... READ MORE

How can I get a temporary crown/cap off by myself? (Photo)

It's hurt since day one almost five years ago only the last few days it took a turn for the worst. It feels like child birth in my mouth. I can't eat,... READ MORE

If there is sufficient decay on a tooth that is having a root canal done, wouldn't it be best to just remove the tooth?

I had a root canal done on a tooth today that had an old crown on it and the old crown was removed. The dentist said there was sufficient decay of the... READ MORE

Will my front teeth crack while removing the old crown and will I need root canal after the replacement?

I did not like the color of the crowns. there are gabs between the crowns. one tooth is not fully covered with the crown. READ MORE

Is it worth to make porcelain crowns and remove metal crowns on front teeth? (photo)

Hi i have question the dentist told me to think about it but i like to make my teeth looks better and i have metal crowns in front teeth and my option... READ MORE

Can my crowns be removed before they fall off and be glued again?

I have two crown in my front teeth and i've had them for almost 5 years. Lately i been feelong like their loose, i can already see them coming off... READ MORE

I need 3 gold caps removed

I have had 3 gold caps on my teeth for 20 plus years.I want them gone 1of the caps have slide down very ulgy .don't have a lot of money or insurance... READ MORE

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