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Will my Gums Eventually Recede After Getting Teeth Crowns?

The dentist recommend me crowns but I am not sure about it because people with old crowns has a deep space between the gum and the teeth or you can... READ MORE

Should I Replace my Old Dental Implant? What Can I Replace It With? Why Doesn't my New Dental Work Match?

When I was little, I fell and chipped one of my front teeth. Over the next several years, it turned a dark color and I got an abscess on the gum above... READ MORE

Front two teeth crowned, gums receding, And really stick out. I hate them. (photo)

Due to injury, I had to have my two front teeth crowned as a teen. Now I am left with two huge front teeth, that are not only oversized, but stick... READ MORE

Is It Likely That a Woman of 60 Years of Age Will get Results From Orthodontics?

I have a few dental issues. My dentist at Univ of Iowa Dental is trying to correct an ill advised cosmetic job on lower front teeth. He has to correct... READ MORE

I have a gap between new crown and receding gum line. Is it because I had a bad mould? (Photo)

Dentist says he can't close the gap because food will just get in behind and cause cavities. I told him it was supposed to be up to the gym line and... READ MORE

My two front crowns don't match! Any suggestions? (photos)

I had my top front teeth capped 35 years ago and they have been great until 6 years ago the left one broke. The dentist I went to at the time replaced... READ MORE

There appears to be a gap between one of my capped teeth & the gum line. Is this a sign that the gum might be receding? (Photo)

After brushing the gum appears white - ish in colour, could this be a sign I'm brushing to hard? Sorry about the blurry photo but you can see a little... READ MORE

I replaced a 10 year crown on #30 because of a slight gum recession at the corner next to #29. Should I worry?

It was only about 1/8 inch. The dentist went under the gum to make it uniform and now the new crown looks very long towards the gum and bulky. at... READ MORE

I have a crown with a receding gum line and stain. How can it be removed? And I'd it costly? Can I fix it at home? (photo)

I work at a school and it actually distracted the kids when I'm working with them. And I need them to stay focused. I don't know what to do. Stupid... READ MORE

Is there a way of getting the gum back over the crown without replacing the crown?

My two front teeth are crowns and I have had them for a good 25 years and the gums have receeded. A few months ago I had to get one replaced because... READ MORE

Can dentist rebond teeth? How to stop receding gum around new crown?

Old Crown, upper and on side, replaced 6 months ago. Gum is receding/showing a very slight line of metal. Prior dentist said gum tissue is sensitive... READ MORE

What is involved in crown restoration and what does it cost?

I had crowns placed over my upper teeth about twenty years that time the dentist also performed a gingivectomy. His opinion was that my gums... READ MORE

Crown lengthening on 8 year old existing crown with root canal to ease pain and irritation. What are the alternatives?

I have crowns and root canals on my left front tooth and the one next to it due to breakage as a child. For the past 6ish months I've had various... READ MORE

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