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How Can Decay Be Prevented Under a Crown?

What are dentists' most common treatment options for removing tooth decay under dental crowns? What procedures are the most involved? What do they... READ MORE

Options For Dental Crown Not Fitting and Odor From Gum line?

Hi, I have a dental crown and a bad smell is coming from the gumline around the crown. When I rub the crown with my finger I found out that the crown... READ MORE

Can the Color of a Crown Be Improved?

I was unhappy with the colour of a crown so I asked the dentist if this could be changed: the surface colour was good in outdoor light, but the tooth... READ MORE

Can They Still Put my Crown on when my Tooth Fell Apart Near the Gum? I Have the Tooth Still Should I Keep It for Them?

I had a root canal done a while back but been waiting for my crown but now my tooth fell apart near the gum would they still be able to put the crown... READ MORE

I Have Problems with Front 2 Veneers Coming off or Loose. Can I Replace Them with Crowns for a Stronger Bite and Stronger Teeth?

I got veneers on my top 6 teeth and i HATE them. The front 2 always feel loose and i feel them pop back and forth, also they have come off before. The... READ MORE

Reply to Answer Ill Fitting Crown. My New Crown Never Feels Right Even

After 4 bite adjustments. Dentist says wait 3 days to see if I I can still feel the tooth when I chew. He has ground the tooth to almost nothing and... READ MORE

Speech Problems After 4 Top Front Crowns?

I developed an issue with my speech about a week after getting 4 top front crowns - initially I had no issues whatsoever and spoke normally. However... READ MORE

Crowns Are too Small on Front Teeth, What Can I Do?

I had two crowns and two bridges placed on to my upper front teeth, I have never been satisfied with them is there anything I can do besides having... READ MORE

Teenage Crown Plastic or Porcelain

13 year old boy, injured his tooth and broke it 1/2 way up. It was suggested that he have a crown. We are left with the decision of a plastic or... READ MORE

Dentist Wants to Do CEREC on my Center Two Front Teeth. Would Lab Crowns Be Better?

As a teen, my teeth were bonded to close a gap teeth with poor results. In my early twenties a dentist suggested crowns as a permanent solution. I... READ MORE

Bad Crown Fitting. What Are My Options From Here?

When my dentist fit my crown the bite was off. Lo and behold it did not fit. When he fit it he took off all the 'point' and left a hole in the crown.... READ MORE

Root Canal Question, Should I Remove And Get Implant, Or Cover It With A Crown?

I had a root canal done on my molar and a pinhole was created through the root. Should I have the tooth removed and an implant placed, or simply place... READ MORE

What Might Cause Discomfort During a CEREC Crown Fitting?

How often due people have jaw pain? or tooth sensitivity? Is CEREC a good option to other crowns for those with TMJ who don't like to spend too... READ MORE

33 Year Old Female in Need of at Least 6 Root Canals, Etc., but Not Able to Afford It All at Once. Are There Any Alternatives?

I was told by a (student) endodontist that most teeth will require crown lengthening or extraction+implant. While most of my teeth are quite... READ MORE

how many times should i let my dentist "adjust" my teeth?

I had a crown replaced on #14 in August. No pain, no adjusting necessary. She did notice an old crown on 13 was cracked and said it would probably... READ MORE

Can Dental Crown Work for Front Teeth That Don't Line Up?

Can Dental Crown Work for Front Teeth That Don't Line Up? READ MORE

One Front Filing is Longer Than the Other Tooth?(With Braces)

In the past as a kid I chipped my front right tooth, so only approximately 3/4 of my original tooth is still there. Now at 17 years old I got braces... READ MORE

Crown keeps coming off. Tired of going to the dentist so often, having x-rays, molds, .. etc! What are my options?

I had a root canal done to the back molar on bottom right side and what's left of it is very small. The doctor indicated a crown for that tooth which... READ MORE

I Have a Perforated Root (Crown) - What Are my Options? (photo)

Is this fixable or is extraction necessary? If so, can I get an implant or only a bridge? READ MORE

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