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My husband's tooth has a huge hole - can it be filled in? (Phoot)

My husbands tooth has a huge hole can it be filled in? or is it too big to be filled? Also around how much would the cost be? He does not have... READ MORE

Not Sure Dental Crowns Are the Best Choice for Me but Don't Know What I Should Do?

I am a 35 y/old male. When I was 10, my parents pulled my 2 front teeth b/c they were very large and crooked! Plan was to pull the next 4 upper teeth... READ MORE

I have fillings in both front teeth, 1 is long gone, the decay is quite obviously continuing unimpeded. Do I need crowns? photo

I have had fillings in both front teeth, however one is long gone and the decay is quite obviously continuing unimpeded. The fillings seemed... READ MORE

How can my husband fix his tooth? (photo)

As a child my husband had his front tooth break on concrete. He said the Dentist ground down what was left and put a cap on it that looks like his... READ MORE

What is wrong with my amalgam filling on the top of a new crown/cap?

Hi, I just had a temporary cap. The tooth still hurt. The dentist then drilled through the temporary cap and did a root canal. When he placed the... READ MORE

Dental crown turning blue? What is the cause of this? Is it important to be replaced? (Photo)

I have a dental crown, which seems to have developed a noticeable patch of blue within, as well as a tint of blue on the outside perimeter (where the... READ MORE

Is It Possible my Son Just Turned 15 Yrs Old Son Needs Root Canals?

His molars #18 and 19 are barely 2 years old, he flosses once and brushes twince a day. he has no pain, no bad breath, no sensativility to hot or... READ MORE

Why are my gums dark/red after crowns with other discoloration? (photo)

I had almost all crowns done about eight years ago for cosmetic reasons. Within a year a spot of light color appeared surrounded by red/dark area the... READ MORE

I plan to get dental crowns for front six teeth. Will it cause any problem to my crooked jaw in the future? (Photo)

19 years old ,Male.My jaw is crooked,no pain but my left side is less prominent and thinner than the right side and my teeth misaligned due to it . My... READ MORE

Will eating habits have to change while having a crown on your left incisor?

I'm a young male, who tripped and chipped off about a third of my tooth and very worried that I'll never be able to 'bite' into an apple ever again,... READ MORE

Orthodontist wants to extract 1 bicuspid to correct deviated midline.29 yr old male-effects on facial symmetry/jaw size?(photos)

I have a deviated mid-line bc the tooth next to my central tooth is a dwarf tooth. I also have slight crowding on the bottom. He suggested I remove... READ MORE

Can you give me more information on dental caps? (photo)

I had been treated for ca naso in 1992 , i need dental treatment , my doctor is suggesting to put caps . I need help as there any lifetime caps available. READ MORE

My husband's upper front crown keeps falling out. Why?

My husband had veneers done on his teeth about 4 years ago because his teeth were stubby from grinding. The upper center tooth crown keeps falling out... READ MORE

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