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How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

I had 4 Dental crowns "installed" on my lower teeth about 2 years ago and already had one of them break. I am VERY careful about the foods... READ MORE

How Long Should I Expect a CEREC Crown to Hold Up over the Years if I Grind my Teeth?

Can a CEREC crown last for 20-30 years, if I grind my teeth at night while I sleep? What factors reduce the lifetime of a CEREC crown? READ MORE

How Long Can I Expect Cerec Crowns to Last?

Should I expect cerec crowns to last as long as other brands/techniques? Is this in the ballpark of 20 years or more? READ MORE

Can a Tooth That's Been Prepared for a Crown Keep Getting a Crown on It?

Once the tooth receives a crown can that tooth keep getting a crown replaced on it every 15 years or so or does a point come when the person loses... READ MORE

How Long is a CEREC Appointment?

A CEREC crown can be fitted in a single appointment, how long is the appointment? Will a CEREC crown last as long as a traditional porcelain crown? READ MORE

How Long Does a Central Incisor Crown Last?

I have had 2 central incisors prepped and crowns place approximately 20 years ago. One crown came loose last year, was cleaned and recemented. It has... READ MORE

Will a Cerec Crown Hold Up for 20 Years on my Front Tooth?

I want something that will last, how long will a Cerec crown last on average? READ MORE

Can You Go from Permanent Dentures, to the Real Looking Crowns?

Thinking i was getting implants turns out it is a Denture nothing but problem with it braking i had a set of removeable dentures clipped to my... READ MORE

How long does it take to get the actual crown delivered and put in?

I had a root canal two weeks ago, prepped and molds and shade taken. How long should it take before I have the crown in? READ MORE

Will these gums settle down around the new crown? How long will that take? (photos)

I'm hoping this will start to look a little more real when and if the gums settle? And so they look grayish? Is there any improvements you can... READ MORE

What is the life expectancy of "instant" crowns? (Photo)

My dentist started milling while-you-wait crowns about 6 or 7 years ago. I have several, two of which have crumbled in my mouth right after the 5-year... READ MORE

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