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When Does a Tooth Need a Crown?

My dentist wants to crown my teeth and my insurance company 's review board says it should be refilled. Both my teeth have had large old fillings and... READ MORE

I am 20 years old, uninsured and I need a root canal on a molar. What are the pros and cons of a root canal vs. extraction?

I am in need of a root canal on a molar and I know that dentists usually opt to save the tooth when possible but as a 20 year old without insurance it... READ MORE

Am I Entitled to a New Bridge on the NHS if My Old One is Turning Grey?

I was advised to have a bridge in my teens because my canine didn't grow down. I have had the current one for approx 25 years. I now have a grey... READ MORE

Can dentist bill me for bad crown on my implant which was not delivered into my mouth, if insurance will not cover?

Crown did not fit properly, dentist did a lot of grinding, after crown did not look natural (shapeless, shapeless). I asked her to send it back to lab... READ MORE

Is the dentist covered for mistakes?

If a crown is badly made or wrongly fitted and as a result needs a new one, is the dentist liable and if so, can he recover additional cost on... READ MORE

Do I Have A Case Against Doctor?

So he broke the tooth in half while fixing it, and told me he can still fix it by building up around it. After a year or so I went to a diff dentist... READ MORE

My 3 year old crown split, and the warranty has expired. Insurance won't cover. Should I look for a new dentist?

My 3 year old crown split in half. My dentist will do a new crown with zirconia and accepts no responsibility for this crown (he applied) and also... READ MORE

is referred endodontist by my dentist a good one? Also How long can I wait before crown?

How can I check if this referred endodontist is a good one? is there a place I can check? Also I need root canal like soon due to major pain for a... READ MORE

How long do dental build ups last?

I recently went to the doctor and they suggested a crown at some point but said it was not necessary now. I am electing not to get it right now, due... READ MORE

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