Infection + Dental Crown

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I Feel a Gap at the Back of my Dental Bridge and the Gum Line, Can Infection Get in Between?

I have just had a new zircinium bridge fitted. I can feel a gap between the crown edges and my gum line. The dentist said it is okay, but surely... READ MORE

Can Infection, Pain and Swollen Mouth (face) Occur After Prepping a Tooth Under Temp Crown?

I have had a tooth prepped and temporary crown inserted, before root canal and crown lenghtening procedure. After my tooth was prepped the pulsating... READ MORE

Replacement of Both Root Canal and Crown As a Result of an Adjacent Tooth Extraction?

An infection developed under my left molar and the dentist decided to remove the tooth. During the difficult extraction, the dentist also removed the... READ MORE

Do Cosmetic Teeth Smell and Taste Like Metal ?

I had the replacement of ( upper whole set )teeth with (metal ) cosmetic 5years ago. Now,I hv very minimal leakage from gums where it is attached and... READ MORE

Could I have an infection under the crown?

I have a porcelain over metal 'crown' the gum itself was shaped, with the drill to a 'T' & crown was glued over.  I did have a root-canal... READ MORE

I have a complicated question about procedures. How should I phrase what I need and what to my dentist?

I had crowns done on my 8 and 9 I want to say in 2008. Now in present time they have been bugging me. My gums keep getting infected, always have a... READ MORE

How to proved a badly placed ill fitted crown caused my root fracture?

How to prove that a crown was ill fitted and caused all these problems mentioned above?? now i have gone to a periodontist and he says i need an... READ MORE

I have an old crown with root canal done about 15 years ago. Do I extract it or repair it with a recrown?

Will the old tooth always be infected? Endodontist says it has 85% success rate. It is the last tooth upper left side. READ MORE

Infection / abscess after tooth pulled, temporary crown, and root canal

I had a root canal April 2013, on 4 lower front teeth. Had the temporary crown put on April this yr and had to get one tooth pulled. Wednesday it... READ MORE

Have Medicade in Colorado. Had to see a root canal specialist to remove old root canal. Will it be covered?

Have a crown that was put on years ago. Have the old style root canal. Ended up with an infection that caused me to have emergency visit to a... READ MORE

Can a space between gum and crown (no-RCT) lead to infection? (Generic) Could ceramic crown exposed cause heavy metal poisoning?

My upper 11 and 21 were removed due to wrong RCT and infection that wouldn't go even after several open flap surgeries. Few years ago another Dentist... READ MORE

Last night the crown broke off. What are the risk of infection?

. First molar on upper right had a root canal and crown in 2000. No pain, no swelling. I do no have the funds for repair right now. READ MORE

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