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When is a Post Crown Needed over a Traditional Crown?

How often are traditional crowns replaced with a post crown? Are dental implants a recommended alternative at that point? READ MORE

Root Canal Question, Should I Remove And Get Implant, Or Cover It With A Crown?

I had a root canal done on my molar and a pinhole was created through the root. Should I have the tooth removed and an implant placed, or simply place... READ MORE

Will Temporary Crowns Affect the Shape of my Gums?

I had extracted a tooth by a periodontist. I then had some bone grafting done so that I can get an implant in the future. I then went to my dentist... READ MORE

Hole in upper right molar -- Does my tooth need to be removed? (photo)

A piece of my upper right rear molar fell out yesterday. My dentist told me that the only options were removal (and no replacement) or removal with an... READ MORE

Need a New Crown over my 10 Years Old Front Teeth Implant?Is It Better Do It at Prosthodontics? How Much It Cost? (photo)

My front teeth had Bicon implant 4.0 x 11. ten years ago, but that teeth not matching my other teeth. My cosmetic dentist Suggest me find another... READ MORE

Is it too much cement under my crown on implant?

My doctor put a crown on implant. Crown fell off after 2 weeks. Today she used permanent cement to glued it back. When she glued, I felt pressure,... READ MORE

Should I consider implant or redo my crown?

I have some sensitivity and pain after I redid my crown for the front tooth. It has been over 6 months. The crown is not well done, I'm not grinding... READ MORE

Dental crown with post. How long will it last until I need an implant?

I have front crowns and a few months ago a front one fell off this was a root canal tooth it didn't have a post when I first got it done, I went the... READ MORE

Can dentist bill me for bad crown on my implant which was not delivered into my mouth, if insurance will not cover?

Crown did not fit properly, dentist did a lot of grinding, after crown did not look natural (shapeless, shapeless). I asked her to send it back to lab... READ MORE

Can you help with crown/implant/root canal treatment?

My 5 crowns were initially done 35 years ago the posts are metal and are HUGE.I have pain in front incisor after after 3 lots of antibiotics, it's... READ MORE

Has my crown been fitted correctly? (photo)

I had a crown fitted on my implant yesterday. I'm worried that the angle of the crown is wrong that it might have been put on too close to the tooth... READ MORE

I have a crown on my front tooth which is loose. My tooth is fractured. Can the fracture not be repaired?

I have a crown on a post on front tooth which is loose. Dentist says tooth fractured so will need extracting and implant put in. Can the fracture not... READ MORE

I have 2 implants right next to each other on teeth 29 and 30. I'm wondering what is the best way to do the crowns?

I have 2 implants right next to each other on teeth 29 and 30. I'm wondering what is the best way to do the crowns. Single crown on each or both of... READ MORE

I Have 1 Implant & Several Crowns, Including 1 on the Implant. How Do I Get Repair?

I have several crowns put in by the same Dentist. One is on an implant. He had great difficulty getting them all to fit, especially the last one on... READ MORE

New crown on implant. Should doctor have asked if I wanted all porcelain? (photos)

The tooth is metal on the inside, is this how they are all made? Or could I have had the option of all porcelain? It was not presented to me. I did... READ MORE

Can the zirconia crown be removed from the implanted tooth? (Photo)

I have a front tooth to be implanted and crowns for six teeth . should i put zirconia crown if there is risk of the other teeth to decay some day ...i... READ MORE

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