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Would a Porcelain Crown Cause my Gums to Darken?

Hi. I had a root canal on my front tooth 10 years ago and now it's quite discolored. I'm about to get a porcelain crown, but am hesitant if it would... READ MORE

Gums Bleed when I Floss in the Middle of New Permanent Crowns?

Just had 2 front teeth replaced with 2 new permanent crowns. When I floss in between the middle of the crowns it bleeds heavily. It does not bleed on... READ MORE

When Getting a Crown is There Ever a Need for a Gingivectomy?

I'm told after a crown has to be re-done do to a gap in the margins between tooth and crown, that I need a gingivectomy. Would you ever need a... READ MORE

Two Months After Crown Lengthening--uneven Gum Line? (photo)

Hi, My 2 front teeth are dead, and I've had veneers for 12 years. One of them came off and could not be put back on. My new dentist thought that we... READ MORE

Is a Darkened Gum Behind a Crowned Molar Anything to Be Concerned About? (photo)

I recently had a crown replaced on my most rear molar, here to fore, a healthy tooth. The tooth seems to be fine with no sensitivity, etc., but I... READ MORE

Should I Replace my Old Dental Implant? What Can I Replace It With? Why Doesn't my New Dental Work Match?

When I was little, I fell and chipped one of my front teeth. Over the next several years, it turned a dark color and I got an abscess on the gum above... READ MORE

Should a Gingivectomy Be Peformed Before a Crown is Placed?

I have painful bulge of skin around a tooth that had a root canal 3 years ago, and now need a crown. Should a gingivectomy be peformed before a crown... READ MORE

Crown on Tooth with Jagged Angles - Both at Gum Line and Tooth Itself is Split Down Middle? (photo)

Can a tooth crown be attached vertically on #20 premolar?? That leaves the front of the tooth alone. The gum line is jagged and recessed due to... READ MORE

What Are the Major Differences Between LANAP and Waterlaser MD?

My goal as a patient is to reduce sulcus depth. No dentist will recommend either procedure if he does not have the equipment to begin with. Thanks. READ MORE

One Tooth is Smaller Than the Rest.. Can It Be Fixed?

One tooth is smaller and has had crown lengthening and three gum contours on same tooth at different times. I'm not sure if periodontist was just... READ MORE

Is it normal for gums to be sore and tender after placement of crown over implant?

I had the permanent crown placed on my dental implant yesterday. Is it normal for the gums around the new crown to be tender and sore? I had no pain... READ MORE

I've Just Had a Crown Prepped and the Dentist Said That the Prep Height Goes Below the Gum Level?

Is it ok to have a crown when the prep goes below the gum line? How does the crown stay on? READ MORE

Sudden gum recession - smoking, brushing or misplaced teeth? (photo)

I have had perfectly healthy gums until 3 years ago ( i am now 23). Dentists in my country have different opinions. . On my lower premolars and 1st... READ MORE

Tooth Lower 4th Right, One Dentist Said Can Not Be Saved, Another Said Root Canal?

Nhs dentist told me only option extraction, private dentist said can root canal post & crown? I have the front of tooth back broken off. Nhs... READ MORE

What are my options after two crowns fell out and the tooth is fractured to the gum line?

Two fell out the tooth is factured to gum line I'm prepared to have a bridge fitted as cheaply as possible so I can smile and get back to the way I... READ MORE

Is It Common Practice for a Dentist to Ask a Patient if Gum Tissue Can Be Removed to Prep for a Crown?

I had a gum graft to two lower back teeth. The gum was healthy with no pocket. Recently, I was prepped for a new crown and discovered a little over... READ MORE

Is It Likely That a Woman of 60 Years of Age Will get Results From Orthodontics?

I have a few dental issues. My dentist at Univ of Iowa Dental is trying to correct an ill advised cosmetic job on lower front teeth. He has to correct... READ MORE

Gum grew back more than before post Cosmetic Crown lengthening? (photo)

I had cosmetic crown lengthening done on my front two teeth 5 days ago and have noticed my gums are healing with a thicker papilla (middle of my two... READ MORE

Any ideas why I would have pain in gum post one year of root canal. The same pain in the gum that was there pre- root canal?

I had pain in my lower left gum which the dentist ended up doing a root canal on the tooth there. After it was done I still had the same pain in the... READ MORE

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