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Reply to Answer Ill Fitting Crown. My New Crown Never Feels Right Even

After 4 bite adjustments. Dentist says wait 3 days to see if I I can still feel the tooth when I chew. He has ground the tooth to almost nothing and... READ MORE

How Long Should I Expect a CEREC Crown to Hold Up over the Years if I Grind my Teeth?

Can a CEREC crown last for 20-30 years, if I grind my teeth at night while I sleep? What factors reduce the lifetime of a CEREC crown? READ MORE

Composite Filling, Inlay/onlay, Crown, or CEREC?

My dentist said he can restore my tooth #28 by all of the above and tooth #15 by all except a crown. He mentioned that crown requires the most shaving... READ MORE

Dull Intermittent Pain After a Crown?

I had a crown done in July and all went well and thought it was done properly. All of a sudden I am having a dull intermittent pain in that area. I... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Develop Teeth Grinding After New Crowns?

About a year ago I had my front 6 teeth crowned. In this year I've had two break in the middle of the night through contact with my bottom teeth, the... READ MORE

I'm Getting Crowns in the Front 4 Teeth and I Grind my Teeth Bad at Night Would a Retainer Necessary?

Front top 4 teeth are getting crowns on soon! I grind my teeth really bad at night should I see about a retainer ? READ MORE

What is the best process and material for a crown for a bruxer? Gold, zirconium, ceramic, a combination, etc?

Tooth is a bottom right molar and has a root canal, defective crown, & multiple cavities under crown. Cannot afford to lose this tooth because... READ MORE

Is this proper procedure to grind down parts of the crown & remove some tooth material to fit a crown?

When dry fitting a new gold crown it was too tight to the adjacent teeth & was sitting too high. After grinding the crown & my teeth didn't fix the... READ MORE

Had New Crown Replaced on Back Molar in June. Also Had Root Canal Done on It Several Yrs. Ago. I've Been to the Dentist 5 Times?

In the last 2 weeks. took x-ray, thought there was an infection in it, but there is not and he said the root canal looks fine. It's the gum around the... READ MORE

I am experiencing pain while chewing on my crowned tooth that has had a root canal. Would antibiotic help?

I had a root canal done in early June of this year. I had the crown placed just after father's day. To this day I experience pain while I'm chewing. I... READ MORE

Having Crown Problems, What Should I Do?

Got a buildup+crown a few weeks ago. She ground down too much of the upper tooth to make the crown fit and it was very sensitive for a while. There... READ MORE

I Am Putting an Implant in One of my Front Teeth So I Can Put a Crown on Top of It. Future Worries?

My two front teeth do not have enough space to support an inplant. My dentist recommend that I should grind both sides of the teeth, a mm size, to... READ MORE

Could my dentist be the cause for two root canals: Excessive grinding in preparation for crowns for a temp 4 tooth bridge?

I had my four top front teeth extracted and a temporary bridge put in. This was a month ago. I was having extreme pain and so they replaced the temp... READ MORE

Can grinding teeth cause them to move?

I have a three unit bridge, it appears that the tooth to right of my right front tooth is tucked underneath it. When I first got my bridge it was not.... READ MORE

New All Porcelain Crown Tooth #20 Has Annoying Inside Bulge. Why Not Shaped Like Mirror Image #29 - a Perfect Guide to #20?

I had asked my dentist to consider the mirror image tooth, so he took a full mold of jaw to send to lab. Yet inside of teeth feel is different on left... READ MORE

Can dental bridges move? (photo)

I grind my teeth occasionally would that make a tooth tuck under the next one, if one is part of a bridge? READ MORE

Gum recession from grinding- what can be done to prevent more recession/future surgery? (photos)

I grind at night, and according to my dentist it appears I have so for most likely my lifetime. They noted that I have thin gum tissue and the... READ MORE

Is this crown a bad job? (photos)

Ive just come back from the dentist thinking I was going to have a decent looking crown fitted but after he fitted the crown the bite was off so he... READ MORE

What is the difference between a cap and a crown? Are teeth ground down with caps? (Photo)

If you can tell from my pictures below, what would be your recommendation. I want to improve the looks of my 6 top teeth. Right now I have a gap... READ MORE

Should I redo my implant crown and front 4 veneers because all 8 have been ground way down due to poor shape? (Photo)

All were ground down a few more than others to remove the white anatomy which I did not like. They were orginally way too long and bulky. My doctor... READ MORE

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