Front Teeth + Dental Crown

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Crown on Front Teeth Instead of Fillings?

I have several small cavities on four of my front teeth. They are pretty small and my dentist was just watching them until this year but now they... READ MORE

Teeth Feel a Bit Loose After 6 Crowns to Top Front Teeth, Normal?

I had 6 crowns put on my top teeth, all in the front. I still am nervous to bite into some foods because it feels like my teeth wiggle. I went back to... READ MORE

Crown on Two Front Teeth

I had veneers on two front teeth. One tooth had root canal and the tooth (dead one) broke. He put on a crown a couple of times which came loose. If... READ MORE

Is a Crown Appropriate for a Cracked Front Tooth?

I have a vertical crack along my front tooth. It can't be seen by the naked eye but when my dentist put a light behind the tooth I could see it. She... READ MORE

Do I Need a Crown After a Root Canal on a Veneered Tooth

I've have veneers on my front 6 teeth, In the past few years I've needed root canals on the canine tooth and tooth next to my front tooth. Now... READ MORE

My Front Two Teeth Have Chipped About 3 Times in the 6 Months?

Each time my teeth chip my dentist files down the tooth. It has gotten to the point where my teeth are starting to look ridiculous and they have... READ MORE

Crowns Are too Small on Front Teeth, What Can I Do?

I had two crowns and two bridges placed on to my upper front teeth, I have never been satisfied with them is there anything I can do besides having... READ MORE

Is the crown too big? (photo)

I told the dentist the crown on my front tooth felt too tight in my mouth ... she said it has to be to prevent packing... is that correct? I just got... READ MORE

Is a Post and Build Up Required for Dental Crowns on Front Teeth?

Is a Post and Build Up Required for Dental Crowns on Front Teeth? READ MORE

Are Crowns A Good Alternative to Veneers? (cost issues)

Are crowns a good choice for front teeth if veneers are not a option financially READ MORE

Will I be able to eat normally with a crown on my front tooth?

So I broke my front tooth (called #8 or something?) and I had to get a root canal and a crown. I'm just wondering if I'll ever be able to eat normal... READ MORE

Pain in Front Tooth?

I had a cavity on the upper left under my gum line so i know the dr had to go under the gum to fix... its 2 days later and the the tooth i had fixed... READ MORE

My Root Canal Tooth is Crowned with All Porcelain and Shows Through Dark, Dentist Suggest Porcelain Fused to White Metal?

My two front teeth have root canals and both got crowned with all porcelain at seperate times, but one crown shows through dark grey from the dark... READ MORE

Are Your Bottom Teeth Suppose to Hit Your Crowns? And Do the Crown Suppose to Cove the Entire Tooth? (photo)

I recently got 4 crowns on my front teeth, I am regretting making this choice because I didn't do my research, I guess I used them for my son braces,... READ MORE

Should New Dental Crowns Fall Off?

I had 6 dental crowns placed on my front teeth and they didn't feel it look no where near as good as my temp crowns. Within the first month my crowns... READ MORE

New 6 Front Dental Crowns Starting to Develop Spacing, Slightly Loose, Often Clicking?

I had 6 new crowns on my front teeth 2 mo ago that are now starting to separate in front and slightly uneven. The crowns on one side are now lower... READ MORE

Can I Replace my Two Front All Porcelain Tooth Crowns with Lava Crowns? (photo)

My two front teeth are crowned with porcelain crowns, done at seperate times with atleast a 1-2 year gap. My two front tooth crowns do not match in... READ MORE

My Front Teeth Look Like Bunny Teeth, What Can I Do?

I have the two front theeth tall and my jaw is small , what should i do?i need something not expensive if there is. READ MORE

I Had a Crown on my Two Front Teeth at Age 12, Now 28 Years Later One is Loose. What is the Process?

Can they strenghten the loose tooth? Does it have to be taken out and a new crown fitted? Please prep me for the process because I do not favor going... READ MORE

Dental Crowns on Front 6 Teeth. Not Happy So Far?

I had my veneers taken off to replace with crowns on top front 6 teeth. I was quite disappointed with the colour, shape and size of the new crowns. I... READ MORE

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