Fracture + Dental Crown

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Extract or Crown 1st Molar: What Options Available? (photo)

My 1st lower left molar is fractured & has RCT. The tooth is being held by filling which is lower than the gumline. I experience intermittent gum... READ MORE

Anterior LAVA Crown and Tooth Lengthening, is All of This Necessary?

Trauma on #8,9 and 10. #10 has a chip and #8 and 9 have fractures all over the teeth. Got root canal done on them and internal bleaching but #9 is... READ MORE

Four Molars Have Been Crowned, Bite Problems and a Fracture?

My front teeth are hitting hard and I have a hairline fracture in my right eye tooth (which also has a root canal). I went back to the endodontist as... READ MORE

Crown Procedure/Bite Correction. Need Second Opinion?

A restoration dentist determined that a bite problem has caused a hairline fracture in my right eye tooth (which also has a root canal). The... READ MORE

What are my options after two crowns fell out and the tooth is fractured to the gum line?

Two fell out the tooth is factured to gum line I'm prepared to have a bridge fitted as cheaply as possible so I can smile and get back to the way I... READ MORE

I fractured the root of a front upper molar that had root canal many years ago?

It has caused the entire tooth to be very loose and you can see the bone at the exterior gum line. Can this tooth be capped with periodontal surgery... READ MORE

Tooth fractured following root canal and no post placed to presence of crack. Can a crown still work?

During a recent root canal surgery, the endodontist discovered a crack in the tooth that went down to the root. We decided to try the root canal... READ MORE

What causes a root to fracture?

My dentist filled a cavity (underneath a 6 year old crown). The tooth (which had caused no pain previously) became extremely painful and upon another... READ MORE

Post and Core Crown and tongue thrusting...Am I in danger of fracturing root?

I had a root canal on my left front tooth 9 years ago with no crown. Last week my tooth broke and my dentist put in temp crown which lasted a week... READ MORE

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