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Replacing a Porcelain Crown

I am 20 years old and my front central tooth broke in half two months ago. I am having a full porcelain crown placed on this tooth. How many years do... READ MORE

Root Canal Therapy/followed by a Possible Crown on One Top Front Tooth. General Queries?

Hello, i am a 19 year old female and today I found out i would be needing root canal therapy on one of my top front teeth. To be perfectly honest, I... READ MORE

Should I get my front tooth crown remade if I feel like its too short? (photo)

I replaced my crown with my dentist, shape and length was perfect but color was grey, not shown in first pic. I went to a specialist in May, color is... READ MORE

One of my front teeth is crowned and the other is traumatized. Should I get a veneer/crown on the other tooth? (photos)

I broke one of my front teeth and dislodged the other in an accident. I had root canal treatment done on the broken tooth and I'm about to get an... READ MORE

So I got a crown on one of my front teeth. It sticks out way too much and I don't feel confident anymore. Please help. (Photo)

Basically my question is if my dentist is really lying to me? It's all porcelain crown. She said she can't shave anymore off of it. But I've read... READ MORE

Can dental bridges move? (photo)

I grind my teeth occasionally would that make a tooth tuck under the next one, if one is part of a bridge? READ MORE

Can I get crowns redone after only wearing for 6 months? (Photo)

My teeth in the older picture look so much nicer than my new 5 front crowns, 3 on right and 2 on left. Why did fixing my bite change the direction of... READ MORE

They filed my teeth down now wearing temps n waiting for lithium disilicate crowns. Is there any other option now?

I was just approved for an care credit card I felt the dentist rushed. Iallowed myself to get pressured into doing something I'm not even sure is the... READ MORE

Will trimming my daughter's gums and the bone on four front teeth further disrupt her front teeth, which have root canals?

My daughter, who is 16, had an accident four years ago and has three root canals and temporary caps on her three front teeth. The impact to her front... READ MORE

I feel that this dental crown is to big. Is it? (photo)

There is so much pressure on the tooth that lies underneath. The tooth takes up the space of two teeth. One that is underneath the crown and the tooth... READ MORE

Teeth crowned a year & a half ago, not even a year later left canine broke at the gum lime, now my right canine had been hurting

I don't have any real dental problems, don't grind or anything I've had my fair share of fillings and back teeth pulled but that's about it. I floss... READ MORE

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