Eating + Dental Crown

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What Should I Do if my Temporary Dental Crown Adhesive Fails to Keep my Crown in Place?

If my temporary crown falls out, is it urgent that I get it put back in place that day? What precautions should I take? READ MORE

What Should Be Avoided when a Crown Falls Out?

Are there certain foods and drinks that should be avoided when a crown falls out? Are liquid drinks recommended until an appointment to fix it is... READ MORE

I Had a Root Canal a Couple Years Ago and the Gums Around my Crown Swell Every Time I Eat Meat Like Steak. What is Causing This?

Aside from the swelling, it is extremely painful to chew when food gets in between the crown and touches my swollen gums. Also my gums are receding... READ MORE

Crown on Two Front Teeth

I had veneers on two front teeth. One tooth had root canal and the tooth (dead one) broke. He put on a crown a couple of times which came loose. If... READ MORE

Will I be able to eat normally with a crown on my front tooth?

So I broke my front tooth (called #8 or something?) and I had to get a root canal and a crown. I'm just wondering if I'll ever be able to eat normal... READ MORE

Using Rely-X to Cement Top Front 6 Dental Crowns (All Zirconium) - Good or Bad?

Had veneers for 20yrs.Advised to replace with crowns.Waited 2wks.New crowns all wrong.Wait now for 3wks. RelyX will be used to cement the final... READ MORE

Experienced pain after food was lodged in back teeth for days. Could it be infected?

Never had my wisdom teeth removed. In the very back of my top teeth I have space where food always gets stuck. Only thing that usually gets it out is... READ MORE

I can't bite because of my right front tooth is inside the jacket, which is too short. What should I do?

My dentist is afraid that if i do bite it my jacket will take off from my tooth . what should i do to bite food in mmy front tooth because i'm having... READ MORE

How will I know if a new crown is needed or if the one that came off (i was able to save) can be re-applied?

My permanent crown (front side tooth) fell off when I bit into a granola bar. There has been no discomfort before this incident and very little after.... READ MORE

Will eating habits have to change while having a crown on your left incisor?

I'm a young male, who tripped and chipped off about a third of my tooth and very worried that I'll never be able to 'bite' into an apple ever again,... READ MORE

Would a bottom bite splint solve any bite issues if the person's teeth never touch except when eating (when splint is not in)?

New porcelain crowns on #18 and #19 put in too low and now front teeth hit and cause pain. Tenderness in jaw hing also now. Cannot chew and on soft... READ MORE

Terrible pain after eating anything sweet or salty in root canal and capped teeth.

I got root canal treatment for Second Premolar and First Molar. Second Premolar had decay and after root canal it got crowned only after a month as my... READ MORE

The crown fell off my implant. What do I do about eating until its fixed?

I have a non screw implant, with a post for the crown. The crown came off. I want to eat,but don't want to accidentally swallow the crown, since it... READ MORE

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