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How Long is a CEREC Appointment?

A CEREC crown can be fitted in a single appointment, how long is the appointment? Will a CEREC crown last as long as a traditional porcelain crown? READ MORE

Is the dentist covered for mistakes?

If a crown is badly made or wrongly fitted and as a result needs a new one, is the dentist liable and if so, can he recover additional cost on... READ MORE

What should I do about 2 week old crown that is sensitive? Is dentist liable for implant that chipped next to new crown?

Dentist recommended crown on tooth with old porcelain filling. The tooth had no pain/sensitivity issues prior to crown. Tonite the back corner of my... READ MORE

I have a broken cerec crown on one of my molars. Should I go to a different dentist or go back to the original dentist?

Cerec crown is less than 5 years old. Yes I grind and do not have a night guard. I had asked about it but he did not recommend. READ MORE

How can I get my dentist to replace my crowns?

I just had my two front crowns replaced. I went to a prosthodontist who charged me an extra $800 just to have a speciallab recreate a more natural... READ MORE

Was my new dentist conning me when he told me I needed crowns?

I started going to a new dentist who had just opened a new practice much closer to where I live. The new dentist told me that my porcelain veneers... READ MORE

Intermittent pain on tooth with month-old crown. Will this pain go away without returning to a dentist I don't like?

A month ago I had a crown placed on my molar on the left side (second to last). Once or twice a day it will start to throb. I can eat on the crown and... READ MORE

About 3 years back, part of my bottom molar (before the last one) chipped and dentist did an inlay.

In late sep 2013, the inlay fell off and he re did the procedure. Now 1 yr 7mth after, the inlay fell off again. I read that inlay typically last more... READ MORE

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