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When is a Post Crown Needed over a Traditional Crown?

How often are traditional crowns replaced with a post crown? Are dental implants a recommended alternative at that point? READ MORE

Difference Between Crowns and Veneers?

Is there a big difference between crows and veneers other than price? How much more costly is it? READ MORE

Why Should I Chose CEREC Crowns Over Other Types of Crowns?

What are the advantages of CEREC crowns? Is the procedure better? Is the outcome better? READ MORE

How Often Do Cerec Crowns Fail?

Compared to other options for crowns, are Cerec just as reliable? What factors might cause them to fail? READ MORE

Cerec and Reliability?

What are the disadvantages of having Cerec on the back teeth? Will they be as reliable as other crown options? Is choosing Cerec over other crowns... READ MORE

How Long Can I Expect Cerec Crowns to Last?

Should I expect cerec crowns to last as long as other brands/techniques? Is this in the ballpark of 20 years or more? READ MORE

What Might Cause Discomfort During a CEREC Crown Fitting?

How often due people have jaw pain? or tooth sensitivity? Is CEREC a good option to other crowns for those with TMJ who don't like to spend too... READ MORE

What Types of Dental Crown Material Are the Most Effective?

Which types are the most expensive? Are the lower cost materials less safe or do they have any other disadvantages? READ MORE

Why Does my Dentist Recommend Crowns Instead of Veneers? My Teeth Are Healthy

I am 46 y.o. and have many root canals and crowns (molars only). The overall appearance of my teeth is very nice and I receive compliments often on my... READ MORE

Gold Crowns Vs Zirconium Crowns for Front Tooth Implant?

I am having implants for my upper middle tooth and crown on the adjacent teeth. What are the pros and cons of having porcelain gold crowns vs... READ MORE

How Are CEREC Crowns Restored?

Is the process different for restoring CEREC crowns compared to other crowns? READ MORE

What Are Three of the Things That Make a Cerec Crown More Preferable Than a Gold Crown?

Do people still get gold crowns? What is the advantage to that? Disadvantage? READ MORE

Crown Vs. Veneers

One of my top canines is completely turned sideways. It has always bothered me because of the way it looks when I smile. My dentist recently suggested... READ MORE

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