Chewing + Dental Crown

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Reply to Answer Ill Fitting Crown. My New Crown Never Feels Right Even

After 4 bite adjustments. Dentist says wait 3 days to see if I I can still feel the tooth when I chew. He has ground the tooth to almost nothing and... READ MORE

New Crown is 3 Months Old and I Can Still Feel Tooth when I Chew.

I had two crowns (molars) next to each other and one fits just fine, the other I can feel when I chew. Dr has ground it down 5 times and I still feel... READ MORE

1 month following root canal it hurts to chew hard things, sensitive to touch. What options do I have to treat this?

I got a root canal 2 months ago. I had a crown on the tooth so the dentist went through the crown. A week after the RC, I had discomfort when I chewed... READ MORE

I am experiencing pain while chewing on my crowned tooth that has had a root canal. Would antibiotic help?

I had a root canal done in early June of this year. I had the crown placed just after father's day. To this day I experience pain while I'm chewing. I... READ MORE

In the last month a horrible odor is coming from the front of the crown when I floss or chew on that side. Is this normal?

I have had that crown on my R lower side since I was 16, in 2002 It was replaced. I have been back to the dentist twice, he did exam and xrays and... READ MORE

Wobbly temporary crown with pain after root canal. What should I do?

I chipped a tooth a few weeks ago (#30). Although I had no pain at the time, my dentist crowned it. After the temporary crown, I couldn't chew on that... READ MORE

Pain while chewing or eating with crowned teeth. How can I treat this?

Hi, my lower right 6 has been crowned after RCT for the past two years. While eating something, it settles in the left over gap between the crowned... READ MORE

It's been a few weeks since I had a permanent crown. It's still sensitive to cold and chewing. Is this normal?

It's been a few weeks since I had a permanent crown on my right upper side. Initially they said it was a cavity that was under an old crown. It's... READ MORE

My husband's upper front crown keeps falling out. Why?

My husband had veneers done on his teeth about 4 years ago because his teeth were stubby from grinding. The upper center tooth crown keeps falling out... READ MORE

Will crown tooth chews normally ? (Like an Apple ?)

1. What's the requirements of having the crown actually? 2. Can it chew 'Hard' foods (like an apple......)? Works like the natural tooth or not ? 3. I... READ MORE

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