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CEREC vs. Lab for Dental Crown

A friend said I shouldn't go to my dentist for a crown. she said the best way to go about crowns is to find a dentist who has a CEREC machine where... READ MORE

Ceramic Dental Crown Look the Most Natural?

My dentist suggested ceramic and I have a bit of time to decide. READ MORE

Which Ceramic Tooth is Best: Zirconia, IPS Empress or E-max?

I have to get 3 ceramic teeth. pls suggest which is the best among Emax, IPS empress or zirconia. My dentist suggested these. I am 22 Years Old READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of the Odor from the Gap Between the Ceramic Caps and the Gum Line?

I've had two root canals (top left molars) along with ceramic caps fitted. I've been experiencing sever halitosis from this region. Every time I floss... READ MORE

Why Would my 100% Ceramic Crown Have Discolouration at the Base at the Gum Line? Do I Have Decay?

Why would my 100% ceramic crown have discolouration at the base at the gum line? I'm really worried that i have decay? READ MORE

Seeing new dentist & regretting decision about all-ceramic crown after reading online. She said it was almost as strong as gold?

I had a root canal on #2 and am now getting a crown. Dentist told me a gold crown would be strongest, but her second choice would be all-ceramic. Last... READ MORE

What would be the best option for my broken tooth - Ceramic again, root canal with post and crown, or implant and crown? (photo)

Originally the tooth was broken right up to the gum line on the outside with a remaining intact piece on the inside and the ceramic (CEREC) was added... READ MORE

Should I change my crown? (Photo)

Front teeth broke: one not so much (the root didn't get exposed) but the other one did, so I got an implant (14 yrs ago). I think, it's NOT a ceramic... READ MORE

Is ceramic crown good for front tooth ?

Hallo,I broke my front tooth last week and I saw a dentist and she proposed me to do all-ceramic crown ,I had read that it is not very good to do... READ MORE

Crown Leakage Vs Starting Ortho Treatment? (photo)

I have a ceramic crown on my front tooth that leaks. I want to start ortho treatment to fix deep bite, but orthodontist expressed concern about above.... READ MORE

Is it possible for a ceramic dental crown to be shaped and molded to look like two smaller teeth? If not, what could be done?

I had 2 teeth extracted behind my canine tooth in my lower jaw.Its been a few years so the teeth have shifted.Theres only room for one implant, and a... READ MORE

Can a second crown be fashioned from an opposite tooth, because I won't allow a copy of the lousy, existing crown?

Firstly, and after the fact, I don't believe a crown was necessary for molar # 31 to begin with. That being said, the ceramic crown for tooth 31 is... READ MORE

Follow up - crown on tooth # 30

I have posted pictures of this tooth with questions on this crown previously but the answers do not seem relevant to what I was asking. Furthermore I... READ MORE

I have a new full ceramic crown (not cemented yet)- need opinions if it can be shaped to look better before cementing. (Photo)

The tooth sticks out because of the lower tooth, which I don't mind so much. I just want to make sure this tooth blends in with the rest or can it be... READ MORE

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