Cavity + Dental Crown

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Crown on Front Teeth Instead of Fillings?

I have several small cavities on four of my front teeth. They are pretty small and my dentist was just watching them until this year but now they... READ MORE

Cavity Under Crown?

I have a cavity under and visible below a crown. Can the tooth be saved? READ MORE

I Always Get Cavities Even Though I Brush 2 Times a Day?

I am a 15 y/o healthy female. I don't drink pop at all or any other sugary drink beside orange juice which I only drink about once every 2 weeks. I... READ MORE

How to Tell if You Have a Cavity? Pain On Front Teeth, 3 Small Black Dots and Dentists Say Nothing is Wrong?

I have a pain in my front teeth from now and then i've been to 2 dentist and they both told me that they are fine... today i had a bit of pain... READ MORE

Pain in Front Tooth?

I had a cavity on the upper left under my gum line so i know the dr had to go under the gum to fix... its 2 days later and the the tooth i had fixed... READ MORE

It's been a few weeks since I had a permanent crown. It's still sensitive to cold and chewing. Is this normal?

It's been a few weeks since I had a permanent crown on my right upper side. Initially they said it was a cavity that was under an old crown. It's... READ MORE

Dental crown before or after root canal on front teeth?

Dear doctors, when I was 10 years old, I got cavities between my front 2 teeth, one of which i remember my dentist telling my parents that it was so... READ MORE

I have tooth sensitivity on tooth 14, upper left side. I had a root canal done and a crown. What’s wrong with the tooth?

I have a crown that is almost 2 years old (Tooth 14 Upper left side), recently I feel sensitivity to that tooth and I had a root canal done around 4... READ MORE

Can crowns help with enamel erosion and cavities?

I have problems with enamel erosion and cavities due to GERD, I've tried all kinds of paste/gels from the dentist and nothing worked. I had braces at... READ MORE

What Could Be Causing All Those Cavities?

I am a 21 years old, i eat no sweetie food unless if it is fruits , i don't drink soda or any fuzzy drinks,,, i brush twice a day for and i floss... READ MORE

Should I Still Be in Pain After 3 Crowns, 3 Inlays, and 2 Cavities in a Week's Time?

(3 appointments) They had gotten a piece of cemet stuck in between my tooth, and had to yank very hard on my mouth. That was a little over 3 weeks ago... READ MORE

What do you think about titanium crown for back tooth?

I have dead tooth that already has a post on a root. My tooth now has broken on a side and it has cavity. I was offered to do titanium crown. Could I... READ MORE

Long term pain after multiple fillings.

Two years ago I went for a routine cleaning. The dentist found 13 cavities and started filling them. Since then I have been to a second dentist and a... READ MORE

RCT procedure?

Hey.i am 30 years old.i have cavity in my front upper teeth.filling was done almost 2years now i am experiencing a small black spot on front of... READ MORE

Pain after root canal.

I had a root canal on a tooth (lower left molar tooth right next to the wisdom tooth) which had a huge cavity. It's been over 4 months and I still do... READ MORE

Throbbing pain after getting a tooth cavity cleaned, filled and crowned. What to do? Will it stop?

Had a cavity in a molar so dentist cleaned it out and filled it and put a crown on it. Well It's been about a week and now I have a throbbing Pain... READ MORE

Crown replacement?

My dentist says I should get my 5 year old crown (over post) replaced. The x-ray shows a gap where the gums are where 'bacteria can eventually lead to... READ MORE

Is it safe to leave cavity under crown?

I had a root canal and crown placed 6 years ago. At my last checkup, my dentist said there is a cavity under the crown and that I will need an implant... READ MORE

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