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Why Do Crowns Break?

How soon should I get a crown repaired before other factors, like decay or further things become an issue? READ MORE

How Often Do Cerec Crowns Fail?

Compared to other options for crowns, are Cerec just as reliable? What factors might cause them to fail? READ MORE

Speech Problems After 4 Top Front Crowns?

I developed an issue with my speech about a week after getting 4 top front crowns - initially I had no issues whatsoever and spoke normally. However... READ MORE

Could Plaque Stagnation Give Metallic Taste?

Told by 2 dentists my gums are in excellent condition. Moved & have new crown (porcelain over metal) put on because the amalgam fillings always... READ MORE

why are my crowns breaking so soon?

I have had 2 crown break in the last 3in a half months. the first one happened 3 in a half months ago and wasn't even 2 years old and the other broke... READ MORE

What Could Be Causing All Those Cavities?

I am a 21 years old, i eat no sweetie food unless if it is fruits , i don't drink soda or any fuzzy drinks,,, i brush twice a day for and i floss... READ MORE

Why did my Cerac crown come off? (Photo)

I had a Cerac crown made for my lower left last molar. It came off after ten months. I was wondering why it would come off so quickly? Was the tooth... READ MORE

Why is there a black line showing on the 6-months old zirconia crown? (Photo)

I had an old PFM crown on the root-canaled 1st premolar replaced with a new zirconia crown 6 months ago. I noticed a tiny black line at the tooth... READ MORE

Why are my front teeth crowns clicking?

I had my four front teeth crowned two weeks ago. After the permanent crowns were fitted, everything was great for the first week, but now I constantly... READ MORE

What causes a root to fracture?

My dentist filled a cavity (underneath a 6 year old crown). The tooth (which had caused no pain previously) became extremely painful and upon another... READ MORE

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