Canine Tooth + Dental Crown

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Highly Decayed Canine Now With Temporary Crown is Throbbing? (photo)

I recently got a crown on a very decayed and Dentin exposed canine. It had been exposed and in bad shape for well over a year now. Just a few hours... READ MORE

Is First Maxillary Premolar a Good Abutment for Replacing Canine and Lateral Incisor in Fixed Bridge?

Hi i need to know if a patient can have a fixed bridge replacing a lateral incisor and canine in maxilla on one side with central incisor and first... READ MORE

Dental Bridge/impacted Canine Tooth?

I've recently had a 3-unit bridge placed and am not happy with the results. I had a 2nd consult and after finding many issues with the bridge, I may... READ MORE

Why does my porcelain crown look gray? (photos)

So about a week ago I got placed an all porcelain crown with a titanium abutment and implant. The color of the crown matches my other teeth in some... READ MORE

How do I get my money back from original dentist? Or how do I go about finding dentist who will work with me on price? (photo)

I wanted 8 veneers on top teeth.She ended up doing crowns instead of veneers,without telling me.I didt realize this until afterwards.An explanation of... READ MORE

Is it possible for a ceramic dental crown to be shaped and molded to look like two smaller teeth? If not, what could be done?

I had 2 teeth extracted behind my canine tooth in my lower jaw.Its been a few years so the teeth have shifted.Theres only room for one implant, and a... READ MORE

How do I advise my new dentist that she made a serious mistake with a crown placement?

My dentist placed a "pre-molar crown" on a lower "canine" tooth. It such an obvious error. I questioned its appearance, however there seemed to be... READ MORE

Crowns or bonding? (photos)

I completed my ortho to correct genetic lack of lateral incisors. Though ortho corrected spaces, it created new issues: midline isn't centered anymore... READ MORE

I had Invisalign done but am not happy with shape of my teeth, would you recommend crowns? (photos)

First let me say that my two front teeth were knocked out as a kid in baseball accident and I have had composite front teeth since. Composite isn't... READ MORE

Teeth crowned a year & a half ago, not even a year later left canine broke at the gum lime, now my right canine had been hurting

I don't have any real dental problems, don't grind or anything I've had my fair share of fillings and back teeth pulled but that's about it. I floss... READ MORE

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