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What Causes the Whole Tooth to Turn Black Under a Temporary Crown?

I had a back tooth that was chipped and the filling was old so the Dr. recommended a crown. After all the prep work, a temp crown was put on and i... READ MORE

Why Do Some Dental Crowns Have Black Lines Near The Gum Area?

Why some dental crowns have black line near the gum area. READ MORE

Post Lava Crown: Black Line Still Present?

I got three old PMF crowns (molars) replaced with three Lava crowns just recently. I am wondering why there is still some kind of darkness in between... READ MORE

Black Dot on Wisdom Tooth?

Recently after brushing my teeth I noticed little black dot on one of my wisdom teeth. I tried to clean it with my toothbrush but I couldn't remove it... READ MORE

Should I Replace my Crown? There is a Black Line Along the Gum Line. Recently, It's Been Sensitive to Cold at Times?

Also, I had a strange pain in the area twice that lasted only a few seconds. The crown is about 2 years old. I recently had another filling replaced... READ MORE

Would root canal therapy make the tooth black and brittle?

Severe toothache --> dentist: there's bacteria and root canal therapy needed. But the gum of my other tooth (after a root canal therapy) , turned... READ MORE

Why is there a black line showing on the 6-months old zirconia crown? (Photo)

I had an old PFM crown on the root-canaled 1st premolar replaced with a new zirconia crown 6 months ago. I noticed a tiny black line at the tooth... READ MORE

Should I be worried about the dark spots between the filling and tooth? (Photo)

Hello, I am planning on getting two crowns on teeth 2 and 3. After the dentist finish the core build-up, I notice that there was a black line between... READ MORE

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