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My Temporary Crown on the Back Tooth Came Off- Do I Need To Cement Temporarily Until Dentist Visit?

I can see the doctor in two days only because it's a weekend. Can I just wait two days and not to put it back until I see my dentist or I have to... READ MORE

Tooth Sensitivity for over 5 Months on New Crown

I had a crown put on a tooth in July. The dentist said bite was fine but adjusted it just in case. two months later I developed tooth sensitity on the... READ MORE

Would a Porcelain Crown Cause my Gums to Darken?

Hi. I had a root canal on my front tooth 10 years ago and now it's quite discolored. I'm about to get a porcelain crown, but am hesitant if it would... READ MORE

What Should I Do if my Temporary Dental Crown Adhesive Fails to Keep my Crown in Place?

If my temporary crown falls out, is it urgent that I get it put back in place that day? What precautions should I take? READ MORE

How Often Are Root Canals Needed Right After Putting in a Dental Crown?

What causes this to happen? What is the procedure? Is an entirely new crown needed? READ MORE

How effective are OTC pain relievers after a dental crown procedure?

 What might cause the discomfort or pain? How often do dentists prescribe narcotics to deal with the pain? READ MORE

Why Do Crowns Break?

How soon should I get a crown repaired before other factors, like decay or further things become an issue? READ MORE

Do All Porcelain Crowns Stain?

I recently had my front teeth crowned and the dentist had to do some recontouring in order for them to fit properly. Most of this was done on the... READ MORE

Ill-fitting Dental Crowns?

One of the crowns is rubbing against the inside of my mouth and I still speak with a lisp 3 weeks on. Will this eventually go or do I need further... READ MORE

What is Causing the Unbelievable Throbbing INTERMITTEN Pain in my Teeth?

I had a tooth crowned in Nov 2012. After the permanent crown was placed, i had sensitivity and a little pain in my cheek directly over the gum of the... READ MORE

Loose Temporary Crown

My temporary crown is loose. Dentemp from Wallgreens does not help. Composite filling underneath the temporary fell apart - there is not much of a... READ MORE

What Should Be Avoided when a Crown Falls Out?

Are there certain foods and drinks that should be avoided when a crown falls out? Are liquid drinks recommended until an appointment to fix it is... READ MORE

Biting Pain After Root Canal?

Initially I had my bottom left tooth filled for a cavity, but began to feel pain when I chewed with that tooth. There was a crack in the tooth that... READ MORE

Can a Bad Dental Crown Cause TMJ? Is it Permanent?

In Nov I got crown for tooth #30,was broken and doesn't have any infection(#30 was impacted by #31 now removd) I crown altered my bite and caused... READ MORE

My Crown with Post Fell out - Bleeding out of Root, is the Tooth Fractured?

Now all I have left is a round hole which I'm guessing is my tooth? There is slight bleeding and the tooth had a RT about 6 years ago. READ MORE

Temp Crown Cracked. My Next Appt is in a Week. What Should I Do?

My temp crown cracked and the back fell off but the front is still on. I am have very little pain if any at all. What should I do ? my next... READ MORE

Reply to Answer Ill Fitting Crown. My New Crown Never Feels Right Even

After 4 bite adjustments. Dentist says wait 3 days to see if I I can still feel the tooth when I chew. He has ground the tooth to almost nothing and... READ MORE

I Feel a Gap at the Back of my Dental Bridge and the Gum Line, Can Infection Get in Between?

I have just had a new zircinium bridge fitted. I can feel a gap between the crown edges and my gum line. The dentist said it is okay, but surely... READ MORE

What Causes the Whole Tooth to Turn Black Under a Temporary Crown?

I had a back tooth that was chipped and the filling was old so the Dr. recommended a crown. After all the prep work, a temp crown was put on and i... READ MORE

My Temp Crown Broke for the Third Time, What Should I Do?

My temp crown broke for the third time today, I'm going in in two weeks for the permanent crown to be put in. I'm in no pain at the moment, does it... READ MORE

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