1 Month Post-op + Dental Crown

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Is It Normal for a Month Old Permanent Crown to Still Be Sensitive to Cold?

I had a permanent crown put in on a rear molar about a month ago (it was done in one appointment with CEREC). I've had very little pain, but after a... READ MORE

How do I get rid of extreme tooth sensitivity? I had no problems with it before I visited the dentist for a Dental Crown.

I had an emergency root canal and crown done on my front tooth over a month ago. Just the other day as I was driving, I felt a sharp pain on the right... READ MORE

Dentist Said Crowns Just FEEL Loose, But Really Aren't?

Thanks to all. Adding to question. 6 new front crowns permanently cemented in 4 wks ago. 1st week, feel loose, all moving to left and dropping, new... READ MORE

Is it normal to still have nerve pain from crowned tooth, over a month later?

I had a crown procedure, no root canal, done on November 15th. I am still having nerve pain in the tooth even chewing on soft things like gum. It... READ MORE

I Had a Crown About 4 Weeks Ago on a Bad Upper Tooth (Next to a Wisdom Tooth)?

Initial mild sensitivity to cold/ hot went away after a few days.Yesterday, I began having extreme sensitivity to cold, even slightly cold from a... READ MORE

I had two teeth crowned about a month or so ago They just started hurting! I can't chew on the crowns at all? (photo)

My mouth hurts in other places. Sometimes the top, sometime bottom teeth hurt and I don't know if this is all because of the crowns READ MORE

Back of the gums is bleeding after 4 weeks of placement of crowns on front teeth. Is this normal?

Back of gums bleeding after 4 weeks of placement of crowns on front teeth ; I always had healthy gums and not sure what to do, my dentist is in europe... READ MORE

Isn't a dental crown supposed to cover the entire prepared tooth below?

Had a root canal and crown done on upper last molar right side about a month ago.At the time of putting on crown I could tell my dentist was... READ MORE

5 weeks of aching pain upper and lower left side after a crown placement, 2 bite adjustments/endo trip. Any suggestions?

I broke a tooth, last upper left molar. No pain, but decided to get a crown. Dealing with 5 weeks of aching pain on the entire upper/lower left side.... READ MORE

Intermittent pain on tooth with month-old crown. Will this pain go away without returning to a dentist I don't like?

A month ago I had a crown placed on my molar on the left side (second to last). Once or twice a day it will start to throb. I can eat on the crown and... READ MORE

My front teeth super sensitive now 5 weeks after crown placement, shall I get root canals?

I had nightmare dental experience 5 weeks ago when I went to get veneers and ended up with 6 crowns. I am still terrified from this and can't believe... READ MORE

Can I sue?

I went to my Dentist for a crown after having a root canal done. 2 weeks later She decided not to give me a temporary tooth, so when the crown came... READ MORE

Pain after a filling and a crown. Any suggestions?

I had a filling on my left lower tooth and a crown on the lower right tooth 5 weeks ago, When i eat, my gums become very sore and throb. It feels like... READ MORE

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