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Which Type of Dental Bridges Would You Recommend to Make the Abutment Teeth Last Longer and Healthier?

I want to take care of my 4 abutment teeth. I would like to know what kind of dental bridges is more recommended so that the abutment teeth will stay... READ MORE

Is There Anything I Can Do for This Chipped Tooth?

#25 is chipped from making contact with #8. The thickness was chipped & the front of the tooth bonded. I was told the corner (also thickness... READ MORE

Which Type of Dental Bridges is Best for 4 Abutment Molars & 6 PONTIC Upper Front Teeth to Make the Abutment Teeth Last Longer?

What kind of dental bridges is best to preserve the health of the abutment teeth?I have 4 molar abutment teeth & 6 continous PONTIC upper front... READ MORE

I Have Two Cracked Open Teeth What to Do?

I Have Two Cracked Open Teeth What to Do? READ MORE

Would Composite Bonding help with closing my gaps for a quick cosmetic solution? (Photo)

I had a frenectomy 10 years ago because my gap was bigger between the top and bottom of my front teeth. I then tore a piece of gum tissue between my... READ MORE

Is dental bonding good option for me? Did I get a fair consult? (photos)

I had a consult with a dentist today for dental bonding on my left front tooth (chipped) and the two lateral incisors (chipped and gapped). They tried... READ MORE

Would bonding be okay, or would their be another option that might be better for me for me? (Photo)

I have very huge gaps between My bottom row of teeth it looks like teeth are missing. And now I have an underbite from them. What would be the fastest... READ MORE

Best way to fix Broken Top Incisors?

Please i need answers on what is the best way to with fixing my broken top inscisors READ MORE

Need advice on Invisalign or braces and removing bonding on my front teeth. (photos)

I had a 2mm space between my front teeth closed with bonding 9 years ago. Now I'd like orthodontic work done to close the gap without the bonding and... READ MORE

What are my options to close the gap between my front teeth? (photo)

I want the gap in my front two teeth gone, because I can't keep my mouth closed without trying hard and never smile with my teeth for this reason. I'm... READ MORE

28 year old girl with 3 spaces between my upper teeth which look awkward when I laugh/speak. How can I close the gaps? (Photo)

I am a 28 years old girl and there are 3 big spaces between my four theeths which look very awkward when I laugh/speak and now becuase people keep... READ MORE

How can I fill multiple gaps? (Photo)

I have gaps on all sides of my four most frontal top teeth. My lateral incisors just look too small for my mouth in general. I've been so embarrassed... READ MORE

Large front teeth. Teeth contouring beneficial? (Photo)

I hate how large my 2 front teeth are. Would teeth contouring / bonding help them be more proportional? I cant afford to do something like veneers at... READ MORE

I am very conscious about the gap between my front teeth. Which treatment I should do? (Photo)

I'm living in CT and i want to fix it in the range of $300- $500. is it possible? READ MORE

What is the best option bonding after braces or moving canines? (photos)

I have two pegged shaped incisors and some crowding. I have three very different options, the first braces with no extractions the second four... READ MORE

Adult with baby teeth & botched bonding as child; Cosmetic dentistry options? (Photo)

I never developed lateral incisors and I still have baby teeth. As a poverty-stricken adolescent, a compassionate dentist bonded my lateral incisors... READ MORE

Help! Can a newly cemented bridge be taken out easily and/or 1 of these 3 teeth/caps, be cut off?

Less than a month ago, I had 1 missing tooth (recently extracted) on one side of my 2 front teeth. My dentist put on a 3 tooth bridge, on my 2 real... READ MORE

Ways to close a front gap? (Photo)

I'm very interested in closing my gap within a budget of 1,000 and under. I thought of bonding because it's cheaper than veneers. But I'm curious if... READ MORE

Closing teeth gap about 5-6mm. What is my best option? (Photo)

I have a large space between my two front teeth and I was able to have a dentist fit in an extra tooth in between, which made it three as opposed to... READ MORE

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