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Permanent and Quick Option for Teeth Gap?

I have a gap between my two front teeth, probably 3 mm wide. I want a permament and quick option. Can you tell me if "tooth bonding" is... READ MORE

Is Bonding a Good Option for My Teeth? I Have A Gap and Spacing Issues. (photo)

When it comes to my smile, there are only two things that bother me: The large gap in my bottom teeth, and my lateral incisor that appears to be... READ MORE

Should I Get Dental Bonding? (photo)

I have gaps in my teeth and my teeth are kind of small, which makes me feel very self-conscious about smiling. I want to get dental bonding done but I... READ MORE

What Would Be the Best Option for Fixing my Teeth? (photo)

One of my two front teeth sticks out further than the other and is also noticeably longer. This has always bothered my and I`d like to know what could... READ MORE

I need a permenant and cheap way how two close my Gap between my front two center teeth?

I hav e a gap in btr tween my teeth and I have gone to cosmetic dentist and orthodontist. One told me I should get a cosmetic bonding and the... READ MORE

Little Gaps Between Teeth? (photo)

I have tiny gaps in between my top teeth. I don't think they're that big of a deal, except they bother me... What would be best to fix this? Bonding?... READ MORE

Is Dental Bonding Right for Me? Is my Gap Too Big to Make the Bonding Look Natural? (photo)

I have a lot of gaps. I wanted to see about getting the front 6 bonded. But i hear that if your gap is too big, it wont look that true? I... READ MORE

Do You Think Bonding Would Be a Good Idea Just to Close my Gap? (photo)

I am not quite sure how big my gap is, and also i do have a some skin in between my front to teeth as youcan see. Would bonding be ok.. READ MORE

Bonding for Small Gap in Front. I Can Still Feel A Gap. How Does Bonding Work?

Overall I am pretty happy with the result... Is it normal for a doctor to only add bonding to one of the two front teeth to fill a tiny gap? As... READ MORE

Do gums grow back?

Couple of weeks ago i removed my braces, my teeth looked great till i had them cleaned, i now have gaps, big and small. i am aware that it could be... READ MORE

I Don't Want Braces but How Can I Make my Teeth Gap Go Away?

I have bit of teeth gap, just a bit, and I donate ant to wear braces or do bonding. Is there any other way which will get them together? And do those... READ MORE

Best and Cheap Solution for my Gap? (photo)

Hello, I have this gap in my two from teeth and I do not like it at all. I do not like smiling because of it and I put my hand over my mouth when... READ MORE

What Do I Do About my Gaps in My Teeth? (photo)

As the topic tells the story i have gap between my two teeth but is not too large(thank god) i have the same series following till my canine and it... READ MORE

How Should I Fix my Teeth?

I have caps on both of my front teeth. There is a small gap in between them and one of them is chipped. Because they're caps I do not know the best... READ MORE

Would Composite Bonding Be an Option for Multiple Teeth Gaps? I Have 5 Upper Teeth Gaps. (Photos)

My teeth are small for my jaw, so I have very spaced teeth. I want porcelain veneers later but in the mean time I want to use bonding, I know it isn't... READ MORE

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