Composite + Dental Bonding

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Worn down Front bottom teeth due to Grinding - Dentist want to do filling with composite?

I have over bite and grinding problem too. Because of this my front bottom four teeth have worn down. The top surface of all the 4 teeth is exposing... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Replace Composite Resin Bonding That Has a Yellow Colour to It? (photo)

I have had composite bonding on two of my teeth just to the left of my front teeth that has been there for approximately 18 months. I've noticed that... READ MORE

Composite Filling Discolouration?

I had bad staining on my front teeth. My dentist decided at my last appointment that he would cover the two stained teeth with composite fillings,... READ MORE

Can composite bonding be used as a method of whitening the teeth? Can the resin be applied to the surface of the molars?(Photo)

I am thinking about getting composite bonding done to fill the spaces between my central and lateral incisors. I would like to know if the bonding... READ MORE

Does bonding have to be redone? (photos)

Composite veneer feels tight, and to close to gums. They're inflamed and throbbing. Do I have to get redone? Can it be smoothed down? Don't want to... READ MORE

I want to go for cavity filing; Cerec filing. Would you recommend a silver or composite filing?

Hello. I want to go for cavity filing - Cerec filing. Please guide me, is it a good option than silver or composite filing? and let me the doctors... READ MORE

Can my bonding (composite veneers on four front teeth) be removed and my teeth polished back to normal?

I had composite veneers done to four front teeth, it was completely cosmetic, my teeth were small and turned slightly inward. So I had it done 2 yrs... READ MORE

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