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Teeth bonding removal?

I've had my four front teeth bonded when I was 14, now that I'm 18 I want to remove them and get traditional braces to close my gaps. But I'm scared... READ MORE

When redoing bonding teeth to lighten color, does the lighter color require that bonding be very thick?

I have 23 year old bonding that isn't to my liking. I also needed an implant. My dentist created the treatment plan. He had me choose the color for... READ MORE

Chipped front tooth repaired by bonding 7 years ago. Now the real half tooth is turning yellow and bonding is still there.

I chipped my tooth 10 years ago and now am 19, from recent past three yeras I've noticed that it's turning yellow. When I went to the dentist he did... READ MORE

What can be done about this? Poor dental bonding work (Photo)

Healthy teeth. 23 year old female. Dental bonding gone wrong to cover white spots. Went through 4 dentists and they all made it worse. I had most of... READ MORE

What to Do if Permanent Teeth is Not There?

Dear sir my baby 2 teeth has not fallen yet. and i had consuted docter and took x ray also,it says that permanent teeth not thr, so im fear that the... READ MORE

Can dental bonding add thickness to teeth thinned really bad by acid? Also can they whiten yellow teeth that can't be whitened?

Another question is can i get bonding before braces? Hi. Im an 18 yr old guy and I always loved soda. I never really took care of my teeth until... READ MORE

Why did the dentist say my chipped teeth was to small for a bonding? (photo)

I had these chipped teeth since i was 6 and now im 18. I went to multiple dentist to get a bonding or anything to fix my teeth. I absolutely did not... READ MORE

Can you get cosmetic bonding with a underbite? (photos)

Am 24 and have an underbite i have bin looking into gettin my top teeth bonded to close Gaps But is this Evan possible with having an underbite? READ MORE

I have white spots on my teeth after dental bonding. Why did this happen and can it be fixed?

I had dental bonding done on my top two big teeth about 7 years ago, im 22 now, but ever since that procedure when i breath through my mouth i get... READ MORE

Are Minimal prep veneers safe for teeth that have had bonding polished off? Should I get this or will it cause problems? (photo)

I'm 22/female. I originally had minimal prep for bonding at the bottom of my front 2 teeth to cover white spots. Months later i went to get a scratch... READ MORE

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