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Permanent Fix for Dark and Deep Tear Trough?

I have had my tear troughs filled with Juvederm for the past two years now, and even prior with Captique. I've been happy with this fix as it's the... READ MORE

In Reference to Caramel Skin Tones, What Do You Suggest for my Hereditary Dark Circles/allergic Shiners? (photo)

I've read all the questions for Caucasian, but want to know what would you suggest for hereditary dark circles/allergic shiners on brown skin? I've... READ MORE

Dark undereye circles with deep set eyes, hollowing of the year trough - PRP, fillers, or just stick with makeup? (Photo)

Hi. I've had very deep set eyes and dark circles since childhood, though they've worsened with age (42) as my tear troughs have hollowed and skin... READ MORE

Would fillers or laser treatment work for my dark circles? (Photo)

I've had these dark circles under my eyes for pretty much my whole life, it seems to be hereditary. I recently went into a local dermatologist and was... READ MORE

How can I permanently remove dark circles under my eyes? (Photo)

I got fillers under my eyes for my dark circles one month ago. In my option the darkness is still very prominent, I would love to know of any... READ MORE

Dark circle under eyes and oily/red skin. Could laser or fillers help with my dark circles? (Photo)

I have genetic dark circles under the eyes (have them since i was 15, have 27 now). Tried some creams, i have a good diet, sleep 8 hours a day but... READ MORE

Under eye hollow/dark circles treatment: Fillers or laser? (Photos)

I have very large blue veins under my eyes that recently started a few years ago (see my before and what I want back). They fall directly along my... READ MORE

How to get rid of hereditary dark circles?

Can fillers help with my dark circles? what are ways i can remove them? i had them ever since i was little. i hate having to put on concealer everyday... READ MORE

I have suffered from dark circles since puberty and am 23 years old now. I need a permanent solution. (Photo)

I'm 23 years old of Pakistani origin and have suffered from dark circles under and around my eyes ever since puberty. I have tried every cream in the... READ MORE

Would fillers be helpful for my undereye creases and dark circles? (Photos)

I am 28 years old, very active and very healthy. My genetics have given me these dreaded dark circles. I am not ready for surgery at this time, but am... READ MORE

Will fillers help my type of under eye circles? (photos)

I'm not sure what's caused them. I've never gotten good sleep & my diet isn't great. I do wear sunscreen though. I noticed they got worse after I... READ MORE

Deep dark circle - which is the best and safest: Texane or Restylane?

..thank u for the answer...I read about Texane also 4 dark circle under the eyes...which is the best result and safe Texane or Restylane.? READ MORE

Dark Circles Inside My Orbital Bones, and Was Wondering if Dermal Filler Can Be Injected There?

I have dark circles inside my orbital bones and was wondering if a dermal filler can be injected there. If not what are my other options? I'm only 22... READ MORE

Fillers or Surgery to Improve Under my Eyes? (photo)

I have had some people tell me fillers will improve. I have had others tell me that I need major surgery on my lower and upper eyelids plus fat... READ MORE

Filler injections for dark under eye circles? (photo)

I have tiny veins and pigmentation. My skin is very thin. I am looking for a experienced dr that deals with injecting eye tough. I live in NJ willing... READ MORE

Fillers for Dark Circles Under Eyes? (photo)

I'm trying to decide if I'm a suitable candidate for a filler to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes. I'm only 20 and they are hereditary (have... READ MORE

Will Fillers Under my Eyes Remove my Dark Circles? (photo)

I really want to get rid of the hollowness under my eyes and I'm only 18? READ MORE

I had fillers under my eyes and also in my cheeks which I was told would make make my dark circles look better?

I had fillers under my eyes and also in my cheeks which I was told would make make my dark circles look better, instead they look the same, if not... READ MORE

Eye Hollows - is there any way to treat them other than filler?

Is there any other way to fix the dark circles or eye hollows under my eyes other than filler? I know there is an eye operation but I do not have any... READ MORE

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