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Damon Braces are an alternative to conventional braces; they use a slide mechanism to hold the teeth straightening wire. LEARN MORE › 
Average Price: $5,225

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I am a 32 year old woman who has never had braces and in the past few years have developed jaw pain (and clicking at times), gum recession, and the beginnings of tooth destruction from grinding/clenching and a bad bite. Besides a bad bite my teeth are also very crooked and the bottom are... READ MORE

I decided to get braces for a second time. I had them for 2+ years when I was in my teens. I failed to wear my retainers consistently and nearly 15-20 years later, here I am! My main reasons for getting braces a second time were mainly for health reasons: bad bite, shifting teeth (crooked),... READ MORE

I have always wanted a straighter smile and knew that I had to get my teeth fixed. I've never been able to smile without feeling insecure. Now that it's financially possible, I am set to get braces on Aug 5,2014. I am nervous yet excited. My first appointment was the initial consultation where... READ MORE

1st day of Damon Braces.....doesn't really hurt much....a little hard to chew at 1st but barely any pain! Expected treatment time is 18 months, not excited about that but ready for the outcome! I mostly just have spacing and a slight overbite! I had braces as a kid so this is round 2 and the... READ MORE

Finally TODAY I got my braces on! I will see what reaction I will get, since I've only told a few people and I am 48 years old! It was good to see some adults in the office today in my situation, and yes there were the other adults looking as to Maybe why was I getting them at my age... But I... READ MORE

I had a major tongue thrusting habit. I I had an overbite and a lot of spacing between my teeth. Since I'm older I thought Damon braces on the top would look better. If you're thinking of doing this you should!!! You won't regret it. Hurts a bit from time to time. Tightening a getting buttons on... READ MORE

My front teeth came out last as a child so when the adult teeth came in there was no room and they overlapped. I have always hated my teeth and smiling, but now I am an adult and can afford braces. I just got them put on last week and decided to go the Damon route because I did not want a mouth... READ MORE

I will be turning 40 this year and have always wanted to have my smile corrected. I always hated close up pictures because of my teeth. My insurance changed this year and now it will cover adult braces so I jumped at the chance. I am happy that I took the time to do this for myself. The... READ MORE

We'll I got my procedure done on October 18 2013 and my doctor suggested damon braces upon my initial consultation which total cost was $5,084.00. With a extraction of my lower front tooth ( see pic ) my question was since I got my teeth extracted the doctor said I will needs traditional braces... READ MORE

I had braces as a child but over the last 10+ years my teeth have shifted a lot. I didn't like my smile, I always kept my mouth closed in photos but I finally decided to do something about it and get braces again. I'm only a little over month into my estimated 12mo treatment but it was the best... READ MORE

I have gaps in my front teeth and I have debated with myself about whether to do this for the last year. I am 32 years old and didn't know if at this age I wanted to just accept the way my smile was or do something about it. I picked the Damon clear system because I am a professional who... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I'd like to share my experience of having Damon Quantum Braces. First off, I am a 25 year-old woman with two buck teeth/fangs and an under-bite. I am a happy person but the condition of my teeth were so bad that I was always ashamed to laugh or smile. So I always cover my mouth... READ MORE

Braces straighten teeth, regardless of the system. However, I am not sure Damon works better or faster. In fact, they may be just about equal as far as time for all the difficulty they come with. I was quoted as needing "at least a year" in traditional braces. However, I chose Damon because... READ MORE

I am 46 years old and got my braces yesterday - clear on top, metal on bottom. I have always hated my smile - when I smiled you couldn't see much teeth. Also, a little crowded, some small gaps, some teeth are a little rotated, and my entire top teeth were shifted a little. My bite was straight... READ MORE

I want to start off by saying congratulations to everyone who took the leap for a beautiful smile!! I am a 44 year old adult women and I have always been ashamed of my teeth but I am a person who loves to smile and laugh, so for many years, I would place my hand over my mouth when I would... READ MORE

So, I got braces on May 10th, 2012. It now being a little more than six months later, my teeth have drastically changed. They're for the most part straight, gaps now just need to be closed. I have the metal Damon system and my teeth weren't that bad to begin with, but my bottoms were very... READ MORE

I currently have damon braces on both top and bottom teeth. My prospective treatment time is 12 months and I am 7 months in. I chose damon over invisalign or traditional metal braces because I was told they would work better than invisalign and be less unsightly than traditional metal braces. I... READ MORE

Okay, so today I went to an orthodontist today that provides Damon braces. I've done my research and those are the type of braces I would like to have. Unfortunately, I was quoted at $7,200! My question to you all is, am I being overcharged? I have no crowding or anything of that sort. My teeth... READ MORE

I am due to have Damon braces put on in a few days; apart from straightening my not so crooked top teeth, and my quite crooked bottom teeth, they will hopefully help correct my bite, and close a gap left from a failed root canal and crown (around 8 years ago). The gap is the fourth tooth from... READ MORE

So I have this popping clicking noise from my jaw and I have been told by a couple of dentists and oral surgeons that I would need braces to help correct. Well the last oral surgeon explained that I have to have all of my teeth aligned because in order to correct my jaw I will have to have... READ MORE

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