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BriteSmile is a Waste of Money

Hi I have had brite smile, and wish i would of had...

Hi I have had brite smile, and wish i would of had someone tell me what a waste of money it is!

They say they stand behind there product but i was so disappointed i called the 1800 number for help and had a very rude awakening they were not helpful my teeth almost look the same as before.

I would of been better off to buy trays from the dentist, you see once you get in there they try to sell you allthe brite smile products including trays and they don't tell you for the next 48 hours you cannot eat anything but white or clear colors or you will ruin your bleaching its called the white diet.

Unbelivable waste of money.. save it and invest in some trays you will be better off.


<editor note: person requested to remain anonymous>

I tried it for my daughter and I usually research things before I try it out but my daughter had a photo shoot the next day so I tried it and it was a waste of money I wanted to shoot the rep for the hoax she played on me.
I must have to agree with the real self editorial team. I tried BriteSmile a couple of years ago at a cost of $400. What a rip off. My teeth lightened a little but it was not very noticable. In two months it was back to normal. There was some pain due having sensitive teeth. The light they put on your teeth really makes them sensitive. Don't waste your money on this one.
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