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My Front Teeth Are Too Big, What Can I Do? (photo)

My smile looks hideous and my teeth are too big for my face. can this be helped? READ MORE

Can the Size of my Front Teeth Be Minimized?

They are big and wide. I don't think they stick out much they are just huge. I know the unevenness can be addressed and the color of the front crown... READ MORE

Treatment for Large Upper Canine Biting into my Lower Lip? (photo)

I have enlarged canines. The one on upper jaw right is particularly large and has pushed the next incisor in. I have been living with that for 50... READ MORE

Any Way to Fix my Large Front Teeth?

My front teeth are rather large, and I wanted to know if there is any way to fix them. I do not need braces, It's just these two teeth that are... READ MORE

I'm 15 and I feel like my teeth are too big for my mouth, are my teeth fully developed? (photo)

Are my teeth fully developed? I'm 15, and they've been like this every since I can remember I feel like my teeth are to big for my mouth. READ MORE

I don't like my smile, and the crowns on my 4 front teeth are too big. What's the best treatment for me? (Photo)

Hi i have crowns on my 4 front teeth but i am seeing them big and i dont like the smile what is the best thing i can do to tell me dentist thanks READ MORE

Dental - can anything be done about my large front tooth?

On one side of my mouth next to my two front incisors I have a small square tootj/, then larger canines. On the other side however it goes straight... READ MORE

After orthodontics and filling remaining gaps, how would you safely do retainers to avoid teeth moving?

Hi, I'll wear braces for 9 months (up an down) . My lower teeth are too large and my upper ones aren't large inoff. To correct my lower croocked... READ MORE

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