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Any Way to Get a Bigger Smile?

This is a bit of a different question. I was wondering if there is any possible way to get a great, big smile, and that means getting bigger teeth... READ MORE

What's the Best Way to Enhance my Smile?

I have all sorts of smile problems: gaps, crooked teeth, chips, yellow stains.  I'll stop there!  what works best to get a better smile for... READ MORE

Could a Palate Expander for Adults be used to Broaden Smile?

My teeth are fairly straight, but I don't have that amazingly wide smile that I would like. I am in my 30s. Can an adult use a palate expander to... READ MORE

Misaligned and Crooked Teeth: What Treatment Would be Best?

I am 20 year old college student and I have am looking to fix my smile. My smile really brings down my confidence and am finally looking to get it... READ MORE

I Have an Asymmetical Smile, What Are my Options? (photo)

I had gotten 8 veneers and having the work redone, due to issues, however, I have been to many dentists searching for the right one. I have an... READ MORE

Smile Makeover - Crown Lengthening/Zirconia Crowns/Braces? Cost? (photo)

Having had a lot of dental work as a child and teenager, which has left me with an unattractive smile, at the age of 26 i have decided to do something... READ MORE

Will a Frenectomy Change the Look of my Smile? (photo)

Ive always had a funny smile, my upper teeth doesnt show much. I got braces now for my spacing & I'm going to get a frenectomy when they come off.... READ MORE

Bad Orthodontic Experience. Braces, Veneers or Bonding to Fix? (photo)

I had braces 3 times. The last time I had it was 5 years ago and 4 teeth, two upper and two lower lateral incisors extracted. But I am very unhappy... READ MORE

In Search for Craniofacial & Dental Team to Repair Facial Disfigurement Please

In search for craniofacial&dental team to repair facial disfigurement due to a past surgery that went wrong. im a 47yr single mom of 3 beautiful... READ MORE

Procedure for Fixing Unflattering Smile?

As you can see, my smile isn't flattering, and I was wondering, what kind of procedure would I need to have it corrected? Would it be complicated or... READ MORE

How to Fix Upper Lip Pulling to One Side and Appearance of Bunny Teeth? (photo)

I am 22 and had braces when I was 14 for 1.5 yr.after i got them off i still crooked lateral incisors I hate my smile shape and position of front... READ MORE

What Should I Have Done to Make my Central Incisors Look Less Prominent? (photo)

I have great healthy teeth but I am self conscious about the size of my central incisors in relation to my other teeth. Horsey! What can give me a... READ MORE

I can't show my teeth when smiling, Why? Is this a disorder? What i can do to get a better smile? (photo)

Hello Doctors. I can't show my teeth while smiling? Why? What Its called as a disorder? What i can do to get a better smile? As you see in the picture... READ MORE

I Need to Know What to Ask my Dentist For? (photo)

You could say that im just okay with my teeth. I have an apt on the 12th and I need to know what to ask for. My teeth are all chipped especially my... READ MORE

Will my teeth ever look beautiful.. (Photo)

Are my teeth/mouth fixable with braces? Am I ever able to be confident and smile at someone. How much generally would this cost? Are there any... READ MORE

How can I fix this mess without braces? (photos)

I don't care if they have to be cut out, fake stuff glued on, or what, but I don't want my mouth to be full of metal or "invisible" braces. With a gap... READ MORE

Would gum contouring and veneers be the best way to get rid of my gummy smile? (Photo)

I have rather small teeth and would like a fuller smile. I am looking into gum contouring and then putting in some veneers. I would really want this... READ MORE

Upper Lateral incisor is missing (Photo)

I am looking for a inexpensive option for a student on a budget to fix my smile. I believe it was genetics as my father's mother has the same missing... READ MORE

24 years old and extremely embarrassed by my smile: How can I fix it? (Photo)

I know I have some serious work to be done. I also have teeth that are growing through the roof of my mouth that causes excruciating pain. I would... READ MORE

My teeth needfixed, but dentists disagree OR push veneers? (Photos)

My teeth have always been small, thin, & some small chips, but dentists never agree to file or use composite to fix saying "it looks fine enough" OR... READ MORE

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