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Pressed or Feldspathic Veneers/crowns?

I have a zirconia implant abutment on one of my incisors and am getting veneers on the front 2 and opposite incisor. Is it possible to have... READ MORE

One of my Lateral Incisor is Very Outwards, All my Other Teeth Are Good. I Don't Want to Wear Braces . Should I Go for Implant?

One of my Lateral Incisor is Very Outwards, All my Other Teeth Are Good. I Don't Want to Wear Braces . Should I Go for Implant? READ MORE

What Should I Have Done to Make my Central Incisors Look Less Prominent? (photo)

I have great healthy teeth but I am self conscious about the size of my central incisors in relation to my other teeth. Horsey! What can give me a... READ MORE

I have small lateral incisors. Is there a way to make them bigger, or would I need to have my front teeth shaved down? (photo)

I currently am unhappy with my teeth, and am not sure in what direction to go. I had braces and everything was good until i ended up getting into an... READ MORE

My 11 Year Old Son is Missing a Lateral Incisor is Removing One Above an Option?

My 11 year old son is missing a lateral incisor in his bottom teeth and the orthodentist wants to have a matching tooth above removed. Is this regular... READ MORE

Cosmetic Work with Bonded Lingual Retainer? (photo)

I have a bonded retainer on my upper and lower incisors. If I want to lengthen my lateral incisors with veneers or bonding does that retainer need to... READ MORE

My lateral incisors are smaller than the rest of my teeth. What should I do about it?

I have recently noticed how my lateral incisors are smaller than the rest of my teeth -- and seeing it in photos has made me self conscious about it.... READ MORE

Missing lateral incisors treatment. What are my options? (Photo)

I'm missing both my lateral incisors & my canines have grown into their place. I have had them capped when I was 13 I am now 27. They stick out, are... READ MORE

Veneers or Crown for Rotated Lateral Incisor?

I have a rotated lateral incisors on the right and I'm wondering if a veneer or crown could fix the look of this as my 21 birthday is in 3 months and... READ MORE

Veneers didn't fit very well. Will they look different once attached? (photo)

The day I was suppose to get them planted in, the canines didn't fit (first bad sign), so they had to get resent to the lab. I also had some gum... READ MORE

Upper Lateral incisor is missing (Photo)

I am looking for a inexpensive option for a student on a budget to fix my smile. I believe it was genetics as my father's mother has the same missing... READ MORE

Should I be disappointed with my veneers? (Photo)

Three weeks ago I had 4 veneers placed in my top incisors and I am very disappointed and distraught about the results. The veneers feel very thick,... READ MORE

How to achieve a perfect smile? Canines grown in lateral incisors' place, baby canines still in place, crooked teeth (Photo)

Problems: canines have grown in my laterals' place, while baby canines are still in their original place; crooked central incisors. I have been... READ MORE

How can I treat a congenitally missing lateral incisor which space has closed up while being short on space? (Photo)

I have a congenitally missing left lateral incisor,I'm 25 years old, and I never did anything about the missing lateral tooth and its space has closed... READ MORE

Would I benefit from filing down my front teeth or would it be better for me to add to my two top incisors at the front? (photo)

I'm 16 and I am self concious about my teeth and was wondering how I would be able to "fix" them. I am considering filing or adding to the tooth but... READ MORE

16 years, what are my options for proclined teeth and would it qualify on the NHS? (photo)

Hello, I have a horrible appearance, my teeth being one of the many problems. I had braces for 3 years (11-14). I still have an issue with them as... READ MORE

After orthodontics and filling remaining gaps, how would you safely do retainers to avoid teeth moving?

Hi, I'll wear braces for 9 months (up an down) . My lower teeth are too large and my upper ones aren't large inoff. To correct my lower croocked... READ MORE

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