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Why is It Important to Replace a Missing Tooth?

What happens if I have a tooth pulled and don't have it replaced? What cosmetic dentistry procedures are recommended? READ MORE

Should I Do Implant (Expensive) or Fixed Bridges (Less Expensive)?

I have about a 4mm gap between my two front bottom teeth. I decided to get it close since Im still 19. I thought it was alittle gap and went to see... READ MORE

Can an existing crown on a tooth be reused on a dental implant abutment?

I have an existing crown on a tooth (#10) that will be extracted and replaced with a dental implant. Tooth broke leaving small residual tooth material... READ MORE

Replace dental bridge or go with Implants? Currently have a 3 unit bridge for teeth #3, 4 & 5 (missing tooth was #5)

I had a 3 unit bridge replaced in April 2012. Just 15 months later the abutment tooth cracked under the bridge (tooth#3). Apparently this tooth... READ MORE

what is my best options for missing teeth which would be cost effective?

I had a bridge over my four top front teeth. through the years the bridge put pressure on the two teeth on either side of the bridge and I ended up... READ MORE

What is Another Alternative to Dentures or Implants? (photo)

I have a condition where I cannot sweat. A side effect of this is having very few teeth. I have been using dentures on and off, but I find them very... READ MORE

Are Healing Caps on dental implants necessary?

I had upper teeth 22,23,24 extracted and implants placed (with bone graft) in late November. In mid-December the stitches were removed, and in... READ MORE

Best options to correct exposed dental implant bridges receding gum lines when implant can't be removed?

I have a implant that is located upper front of my mouth. The gum has receded exposing the bridge and you can see the root screw through the gum... READ MORE

Adin implants?

Are adin implants a good choice. The cost range varies by doctor but is the cheaper doctor as good? READ MORE

Got my braces off but need more work. Any advice? (photos)

Got my braces off today. Had huge gap where I had bonding put on in 1999 but it started opening again. Got braces to remove bonding n close gap but... READ MORE

Many options offered, any suggestions for the best course of treatment for a complicated case - implant or bridge? (photo)

Due to an accident, I have had 3 root canals on my top front three teeth. The teeth were treated with a post+crown, an implant, and a veneer. The... READ MORE

Numerous fillings, root canals, crowns and implants have resulted in pain & discomfort. Am I out of options? (photo)

Hello. As you can undoubtedly see from the image, I have numerous fillings, many of which are large, a few root canals, and 2 implants. The implants... READ MORE

I have some spaces between my teeth. I had brace before to fix my overbite. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I have some spaces between my teeth. I had brace before to fix my overbite. I am really concerned the space. I would like to have no space in my teeth... READ MORE

Due to a severe gum disease, my gums around certain teeth have receded. Are there synthetic gums?

I desperately want to have dental implants, but due to the results of a severe gum disease a couple of years ago in which my gums receded around... READ MORE

My daughter is 13 and has 3 missing top teeth. What treatment would you recommend?

Ive been given 2 choices have a bridge and brace now or do nothing and get implants when confused and would like advice on the best thing to do READ MORE

Is it possible to have dental implants for missing lateral incisors AFTER brace has closed the space and canines been shaped?

Aged 23 and have hypodontia: missing upper adult lateral incisors and lower second premolar on right side. There is baby tooth molar where missing... READ MORE

Is it ever too early to have an implant procedure completed?

I had my tooth extracted May 2012 also had graphing done same day. I started with invisalign 12/12 and completed it 9/13. 12-2-13 I had the screw put... READ MORE

Can I get my left bottom wisdom tooth transplanted to the right first molars place?

Is it possible to transplant my left bottom wisdom tooth to my right sides first molar place. A greedy dentist lied to me and filled my right bottom... READ MORE

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