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How Long Does It Take for the Holes to Cover and to Eat Normal Food? (photo)

I just had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed on 6/17/13 and had a few questions. When can I have normal food like pizza? When can I drink out of a... READ MORE

Is 6 Days Enough To Recover From Wisdom Teeth Removal?

I'm 18, my wisdom teeth have not erupted yet, but my bottom ones are growing on a horizontal angle. I've booked an appointment to get it... READ MORE

Is Cosmetic Gum Reshaping Safe for People with a History of Periodontal Disease or Mouth Ulcers?

Is cosmetic gum shaping similar to having a gum tissue graft? How painful is gum reshaping? How long does it take for the gums to heal? READ MORE

Are Healing Caps on dental implants necessary?

I had upper teeth 22,23,24 extracted and implants placed (with bone graft) in late November. In mid-December the stitches were removed, and in... READ MORE

When will the holes heal completely?

My son had his wisdom teeth excised on 12/23, followed up twice secondary to infection; now still has open holes bilaterally that appear to have... READ MORE

Will a palate injection and possible infection drainage make gum recede and leave hole behind tooth of root canal? Will it heal?

Root canal on #12, dentist gave me an injection in my palate, afterwards I could feel something, like an abrasion or possibly a little temp cement (at... READ MORE

What are the risks of waiting until the extraction site has healed to determine if a bone graft is necessary?

I have had 2 failed root canals on #19. My dentist recommends extraction, and bone grafting, followed by an implant in 4 months. What are the risks of... READ MORE

Do my wisdom teeth sockets look like they are healing correctly? (photos)

I had all 4 teeth removed 5 days ago. I only feel pain in the lower right side of my jaw. Slight throbbing pain and general discomfort. Nothing a few... READ MORE

How long will my tooth need to heal after dental trauma from falling?

I fell a month and a half ago and since my front tooth has been lose I've had X-rays done two weeks after injury and nothing seemed to be wrong... READ MORE

Are my gums healing ok? (Photo)

I had a bone grafting done about two weeks ago, after the stitches dissolved there was a hole in my gums left behind, I was anticipating the hole... READ MORE

I had my wisdom teeth removed 4 days ago. Is it okay to eat my normal diet or should I let them heal first?

I removed 4 of my wisdom teeth four days ago , it's not hurt but i am not comfortable to eat my regular food ( rice and vegetables because asian:)) .... READ MORE

I had a bone graft done on #20 and is healing well. Today I noticed some discoloration on the gum of my #22. Any suggestions?

Would that have anything to do with the bone graft? Or am I looking at a completely different issue? The color of the rest of my gums is a bright... READ MORE

Is bone grafting compulsory? And does a lot of bone loss occur with root canal treated tooth?

Hi, I am looking at getting my upper right second premolar tooth replaced with a dental implant. It was a root canal treated tooth, and I am waiting... READ MORE

Surgery scheduled in a couple days. Would bone grafting/tissue regeneration/socket preservation prior to a fixed bridge?

Surgery scheduled in a couple days.-Bone grafting/tissue regeneration/socket preservation prior to a fixed bridge? I have anorexia with... READ MORE

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