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Very Bad Receding Gum Line, Best Option? (photo)

I have a bad receding gum line! I have seen 3 different dentists about it and they all have different opinions about how to go about fixing this... READ MORE

What Do I Do with my Very Badly Decayed Teeth?

I have very bad teeth...alot are broken off at gum line and the ones that are left are very decayed...what is my best option? READ MORE

How Often Should I Floss Under a Fixed Dental Bridge for Proper Hygiene?

What are the side effects of not flossing enough or flossing too much? READ MORE

Is It Possible To Fix Gum Recession Between my Two Front Teeth Which Got Worse During Braces?

I still have few months until I get done with braces and I am very concerned about this issue. I was told that getting veneers or bonding won't... READ MORE

How Far Down Do Teeth Go into Gums and Jaw? (photo)

It might be hard to tell in these pictures but my teeth seem to be getting bigger due to gums receding really bad. My question is how far exactly do... READ MORE

What Can Be Done for Very Protruding Gums to Make It Strucked In? Pls Recommend Ways

I have a very protruding front teeth and i have braces for 5 yrs but it didnt work out. So i decided to make my 6 upper front teeth extracted to treat... READ MORE

Periodontist Removed 2mm From Gums, Now There Are Black Triangles Between Teeth, Is This Permanent?

My periodontist removed some inflammed gums (interdental gingiva) between my teeth. She removed about 1-2 mm of gum in between each tooth. Now I have... READ MORE

Receding Gums from Gingivitis, Can Anything be Done to Help?

I have had gingivitis for awhile and even though I have done a lot to get it under control my gums have receded. My four front teeth are straight and... READ MORE

I Have a Gum Recession Be tween Two Front Teeth While Having Braces

That created a black triangle between my two front upper teeth. My orthodontist said that shaving a small amount of teeth in order to bring them... READ MORE

Are There Natural Methods of Dealing with Receding Gums?

What types of cosmetic surgery would also help with receding gums? Is it really the only guaranteed solution? READ MORE

Gums Receding at Abnormal Rate, Options?

How fast do gums actually recede and at what speed rate can they? I have some receding gums and I feel like I can actually see it as its happening,... READ MORE

Incisors Shifted from Impacted Wisdom Teeth Coming in? (photo)

So, I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow morning(just the bottom two) because they are pushing against my molars, and causing my incisors to... READ MORE

Is Cosmetic Gum Reshaping Safe for People with a History of Periodontal Disease or Mouth Ulcers?

Is cosmetic gum shaping similar to having a gum tissue graft? How painful is gum reshaping? How long does it take for the gums to heal? READ MORE

Will my Tooth Fall Out? (photo)

I have a receding gum line and I have been EXTREMELY paranoid about my tooth. I feel as if my paranoia is causing my to think the bottom two are going... READ MORE

What is Better for Gum Recession on 4 Front Teeth: Tissue Grafting or AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue Matrix (RTM)?

I have gum recession on 4 teeth only due to harsh brushing. Want to do something about it i plan to do invisalign soon (teeth not aligned). Dentist... READ MORE

Gum Swollen After Apicoectomy, Normal? (photo)

Follow up to previous question. I know that this might be what it looks like but will it look like this forever? Will my right side of my gum get back... READ MORE

Seat Veneers Below Gumline or Just Above It?

I had veneers on front teeth permanently cemented. When I got home, I noticed the top of the veneers were not completely hidden below the gumline. A... READ MORE

Will I need a procedure for the missing gum between my two front teeth? (photo)

I'm 22 years old and I wore braces from ages 11-13. I starting wearing a retainer right after my braces were taken off, I currently wear it every... READ MORE

Gum Grafts, Wisdom Teeth Removal, Chin Implant, and Jaw Surgery...what is the Best Order?

What is the best order for the dental and facial procedures I'm considering? I need several gum grafts due to gum recession from grinding my teeth... READ MORE

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