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Cosmetic Dentistry for Overlapping Teeth?

Are braces the only option for fixing overlapping teeth? About how many more visits to the office does this involve compared to people with milder... READ MORE

How Often Should I Floss Under a Fixed Dental Bridge for Proper Hygiene?

What are the side effects of not flossing enough or flossing too much? READ MORE

Why Are Dental Bridges Replaced?

What are some of the reasons why a dental bridge would need to be replaced? Did the presence of the bridge cause these problems? READ MORE

What Exactly Do Dentists Do During a One Hour Smile Makeover?

Is a one hour smile makeover a series of one-hour procedures, or does the entire makeover take only one hour? Is this something I can do on my lunch hour? READ MORE

Is Office Whitening Less Painful for Sensitive Gums Than at Home Treatments?

What home whitening products exist that are effective, yet recommended for very sensitive gums? Will teeth whitening at a dental office be less... READ MORE

What Stages of a Full Mouth Reconstruction Are the Most Painful?

How long does it take for the pain to pass? What kind of pain is it? Throbbing? Shooting? Are there any headaches? READ MORE

What Would Be Considered a Lengthy Full Mouth Reconstruction Surgery?

What are the most invasive procedures for full mouth reconstructions? How often does recovery recommend speech therapy? If so, is this therapy a 4-6... READ MORE

Can a Full Mouth Reconstruction Correct my Crooked Chipped Front Teeth?

I also have two cracked molars that are causing me a lot of pain. How long will this reconstruction take, and how much pain is normally involved? READ MORE

Risks of Being Under Anesthesia for Five Hours?

Dear Doctors I am having a bimax surgery. It's a five hours long procedure. I am afraid of forming blood clots and having a heart attack or embolism.... READ MORE

What's the best way to align crowded teeth. How much time it requires in my case? (photo)

I'm thinking of aligning my teeth. I have my left canine a bit above the expected position and it's lying over two adjacent teeth. READ MORE

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